Dancing with Death

2000 Jallin Durell

I lay in bed, so young and cold, and let the darkness take me.
I drifted in, I drifted out, with all existence shaky.
The cold the cold, ever so cold, it rattles at my soul
There came a knocking, almost deafening, as of heaven's thunderous roll.

He came, he came, on fiery steed, pale orbs of ice and fires!
Grim visage steeled with cold indifference, but when near it sags and tires.
"Oh mortal man, what fates did tell, of the day when Death grew old!
My hands are tired, my shoulders ache, my scythe I barely hold..."

I jumped from bed then jumped once more, I'd left with just my soul
Death waited in my doorway, beckoned me forward and said: "Let's roll."
He walked me to his ancient horse, it's fur all gray and scar.
I took a good look at his ride and muttered, "C'mon, let's take my car."

I opened the door and let Death in, he sighed and settled down.
I hopped in next beside him and watched him sink deeper into his frown.
"What's wrong?" I asked. "Is Death upset?" "Indeed, I am," he said.
"What's wrong?" I asked and He replied: "I only hang with the dead..."

I smiled at him and hit the gas, tearing through the streets.
We rounded bends with insanity's speed and performed amazing feats.
I hopped the curb and hit the brakes, rolling to a stop on some guy's lawn.
I opened the door and the music burst in, "Let's go man, the party's on!"

Death smiled at me and unbuckled his belt, his frown left and he grinned.
I watched the figure laugh softly to himself and wondered if I'd sinned.
"Are you coming, Mortal?" Death asked as he walked, "for I won't wait around."
I hurried after and asked: "What's the rush?" "I'm going to go get down."

I followed death as he entered the room. The music blared and howled.
Death turned around and looked at me. His features grim and scowled.
"What is this noise, what is this place?" He turned to me and said.
"That is music and it's a party," I replied with certain dread.

"I think I like it," the specter spoke, then he turned away from me.
Oh, though I'm dead, I'll never forget the night that Death got funky.
His body twirled, his legs shot out, and his arms too fast to see.
Everyone stopped and watched. All the girls, the guys and me.

Death danced and danced, then people joined in. The music was loud and pounding.
Then the roof ripped off and there was God, his voice much louder and resounding.
"DEATH," He roared. "Get back to work. You don't have time to see this through."
Death's shoulders slumped and the teenagers laughed at Death and his curfew.

We left the party and got back in my car,
then back to where his horse was in the rain.
Death hopped out and came around.
"Thanks man, let's do this again."