Kitten History: A lowly human mage merged with a true chaos demon for the perfect mix of intellect and power. Possessing both sets of memories he chooses to spend his time within his own private dimension or amusing himself watching others grow stronger. Appearance: A human male who normally wears black and silver clothing. Tools: Darkblade - an enchanted weapon which can cut through anything save another weapon of level 5 or higher. Powers: Swordskill - not a power, merely a demon's lifetime of swordplay and sorcery combined into one snarling package. Rifting - His Demon blood combined with his high power level allows him to open rifts to any level of the multi-verse. A simple tear is opened allowing him to step through onto another plane of existence. This also allows him to travel anywhere on any plane as fast as he can open a rift and step through. Ki attacks - Nothing fancy, merely shaping his ki energy into basic beams or orbs and releasing them at variable speeds. Metamorphasis - Changes from basic human form into a larger version of himself, combining his demon and human forms into one. The result is a human male, approximately eight feet tall with large black and silver wings (20 ft wingspan). Hands become longer, fingers lengthening and skin becoming demon talon. Feet elongate, turning into reptilian claws and skin.