Birth Name: Jallin(ostin) Du'Rell

Rank: Team Leader

Alternate Identities/nicknames: Prince of Cats

Level: Master Slayer, First Rank. Also holds advisory seat on Society Council.

Age: 22

Confirmed Demon kills(solo): 25

Confirmed Demon kills(team): 183

History: Both parents killed by a demon, Jallin Durell was rescued by a team and
taken into a catholic school with his sister. Unable to let go of the images
of his parents death he broke into the headmasters office and began studying
the occult. When he was discovered a year later the Society drafted him into
their ranks and trained him as one of the few Master Slayers produced in the
last century. Currently unassigned due to the shambles the council is in

Skills: Intense training in the martial arts and hand to hand combat. A
proficient marksman with any projectile weapon. Leadership abilities.

Preferred Weapons: Twin shortsword and sai.

Faults: He's very young for his position and sometimes feels insecure.
Emotional issues relating to childhood trauma.