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Below are a variety of links dealing with the independent Gangrel and the HTML chats set up by White Wolf. Through here one may find additional information on the Necropolis setting, as well as gain access to the chat site itself.

Go to Necropolis by Night
Necropolis by night -- This is the main "sourcebook" on the Necropolis setting, offering information on all the various supernatural denizens that call the city of the dead home. 
Go to the Streets of Necropolis
Enter the streets of necropolis -- Through this link, one will reach the main page on the HTML chat site. Swope Park and the other main rooms will be found here, through the Streets of Necropolis, Missouri.
Go to Swope Park
Enter Swope Park -- This link leads directly to the Swope Park room on the HTML site, the main chat room for the organized Independent Gangrel game.
Go to Swope Park
Dice Roller -- This link leads to an on-site dice rolling page, which should come in handy if dice rolls become necessary for a scene in the chatrooms.


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