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Welcome to the Independent Gangrel of Necropolis
Here you will find a wide variety of information 
about the Independent Gangrel Chronicle, 
part of the Necropolis Chronicles as played on 
White Wolf's HTML chat rooms.
Remember September 11th

Click here for IC info The In-character section covers such areas as how to contact the Gangrel Jarl, who the allies and enemies of the Clan are, and the history of their unique Domain.
Click here for OOC info The Out-of-character section offers detail on such OOC issues as new character submission, updates from the Revised edition Gangrel clanbook, and character progression.
Click here for the Rosters The Gangrel Clan Rosters show all of the characters that are part of the Independent Gangrel Chronicle, the accepted non-Gangrel guests of the Domain and more.
Click here for the Links page Finally, our Links offer access to the chat rooms where the Chronicle is played, as well as a variety of off-site resources that are of importance to the game.
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