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Gareth's Den

Ah! greetings noble friends, good of you to drop by.
my name is Gareth Spotfur, and if you'll stay a while i have some stories to share.
as king of my land, the Eastern Kingdom, i have traveled many other worlds and have the stories of them here.

your host,
Gareth Spotfur

This website may contain information, links and images of sexually explicit material. If you are under the age of majority where you are, if it offends you or if it's illegal to view such material in your community please do not continue.
If you affirm and swear that the viewing / downloading / receiving sexually explicit materials does not violate the standards of your community, that you won't make any of the materials available to minors in any form, that you believe it is your constitutional right to view these materials, that you are wholly liable for any legal ramifications that may arise for your receiving or viewing of these materials and that you are of/over the age of majority then please continue.

now that's out of the way, please enjoy my page :)

my greatest and most sincere thanks to everyone who has been here, and i hope you keep coming :)

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