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Adult Stories

this room is stone-lined, with a huge four-poster bed laid with silken sheets in the center, a thick rug laying on the floor.
a few claw marks on one the bedposts speak of some wild times in this room, as do the straps on one of the others posts, and a chest in the corner, partly open, with some interesting looking items poking out.
on the end table is a picture of myself and a lovely white haired tigress, doing much more than just holding each other.
a tapestry hangs on the wall, with some rather erotic scenes on it, and a window in the south wall is half open letting in a soft breeze.
on a desk near the window is a large leather-bound book.

here are my erotic furry stories, set in a world i encountered on my travels.
here, furres and humans coexist, and (of course) sex is often the result.
so sit back, click on a story and have fun
ps. new readers should start with 'Pets'

the Pets stories/the origin
Pets part 1-a meteor strike alters my pets to a humanoid form
Pets part 2-romance blossoms
Ice-it's amazing what you can do with ice cubes
Explanations -the narrator tries to explain the 'change,' despite sexy interruptions by the ladies

The Adventures of Cindy/the exploits of a sex-loving rabbit
Cindy 1-Slumber Party-a young bunny named Cindy learns about sex at a slumber party
Cindy 2-Frat Boys-Cindy enjoys the 'attentions' of several fellow college students
Cindy 3-a Day at the Office-Cindy knows how to break up the boredown of work

the Furry Inc stories/furry porn studio
Furry Inc-a fem skunk and one hell of a porn screen test
Rhago-a cloned sabretooth makes his way in the world
Furry Inc part 2-a dragon comes to join the fun
Squirrels Love Nuts-a new secretary and a hunky actor
Furry Inc part 3-new loves and new actors
Deyna's Loves-a mated bi otter joins the studio and brings a second lover home
Randy and Mandy-a wolf actor falls for a human woman
Lord of the Night-Amanda's friend falls for a vampire-bat furre
A Horse of Course-a horsewolf furre named Recca joins the studio
A Horse of Course 2-Recca is blackmailed by Cindy
Cindy 4- Cindy finds her true love
Recca and Cindy-choices have to be made
A Horse of Course 3-Marni has a birthday orgy for Recca
A Horse of Course 4-the couple get a new addition to the family
Cindy 5-Cindy and Sam start a family
Christmas Cheer-Sabrina and Alex play Santa and mrs Claus
Furry inc part 4-Sabrina and Alex take a very big step

Furry inc, the next generation
Quiet Please-a herm ocelot librarian joins the studio
Cookies-Candy and Artie show the fun side of Girl Scouts
Bedside Manner-Joyce the doctor finds her true love
Allen- Sabrina's son finds a lover
Warrior -Jenice stakes her claim on her man

Other Stories/various ones set in this world
Bareback Riding-a human and her horse lover have a wild night
Bareback Riding part 2-a very happy occasion
Solitude- a woman with a dark past rescues a fox in a storm
Shane -a pit fighting wolf furre learns of the outside world
Escape into love-a gryph that escapes from a cruel lab finds love with a human
Outcast Island-an iguana falls for an armadillo on an island paradise
Michelle -a tourist wolf meets a hot latin tigress
Michelle part 2-life is good with his tigress
Silver And Wine-a silver furred wolf and a sultry vixen
Silver And Wine 2-their grownup kids find lovers
Daddy-a young vixen seduces her adoptive human father
Wolfy And Free-a wolf bartender falls for a shy feline nurse
Wolfy And Free 2-the family takes a vacation at a mountain cabin
Modern Knight-a were college student and a kindly fox
California Girls-a fox's vacation leads to two hot females
California Girls 2-loads of fun at a nude beach
Into The Woods-two bi furres in the forest get some 'extra' training from their guide
Catching The Curl-a dolphin and a beaver catch some surf
Catching The Curl 2-the couple start a family
Breeding The Queens-a dominant wolf gives his two feline wives the children they all want
Rite of Passage-an african leopard finds a mate
A Lesson of Love-a gay brazilian chow chow finds love with a bear

interludes/a male,a female,the night
Wolf With The Red Roses-a beach, moonlight and a wolf and fox
Desert Winds-a bellydance and a visit to a tent
Senses-you can see so much without eyes

the future/events to come
New Recruit-in 2135, a mouse cadet joins the crew of a cargo spaceship
Arms to Hold You-an iguana counselor finds his lifemate in a good friend
Niromi- a direwolf and his wolf roommate find love on a cargo cruiser
Niromi 2-Gaia-the couple celebrate their love on a space cruise ship
Niromi 3-Temptations-Colin is separated from Niri by a mission to an outpost in the asteroid belt

other places/stories from other worlds
Forbidden Love-two tiger lovers set off on their own
Dragon's Head-an escaped slave finds love with a tavern maid
More than Enemies-two mobile-suit warriors are forced to work together on a hostile planet
The Lost World-a college student in the 1920's finds a hidden valley of intelligent dinos
The Dragons of Chang-a young man raised by three dragons goes with them to a distant valley
Bird of Paradise-a heartsick tourist finds happiness with a beautiful parrotfurre whilst on vacation in Hawaii
Victoria-a wolf finds love with a vixen sexslave
Family Ties-the first time for fisk and lucy black
First steps taken-shayla and trevor become lovers
Next Steps Taken-the mouse and horse couple become lifemates

fan fiction/stories sent by fans
missing adore-a gryph and doberman find company in each others arms/by sura spurhawk
First encounter, final search-a bisexual otter named deyna meets a wolf lover/by deyna otter
the story behind matt-the tragic story of deyna's first love/by foxarwolfen
an odd surprise-a wolf learns what his pretty lady freind really thinks of him-by foxarwolfen
Mike and Tiffany-an odd surprise 2-marriage brings the wolf a very happy surprise-by foxarwolfen
help from a freind-sabrina foxtail helps bob, molly, and callie wallace/by foxarwolfen
albert and recca:the beginnings-how albert and recca were created/by foxarwolfen
albert and recca:the beginnings part 2- their story continues/by foxarwolfen
roland's story-roland tuftail finds a lover while using his acting talents/by hare trinity
Georgie-trella ocelot enjoys sexually tormenting hir herm skunk lover/by trella ocelot
Catching the Curl 3-Rads and Dale's son finds a love/by sura spurhawk
the brother's war-the dragons of Chang are threatened by a half-demon psychopath/by the wordslinger


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