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           Microsoft IE5 & Above Browser & the Appearance of the Number 666  

 When on the internet on day last year 2001 this # 6 popped up on my browser.

 My browser then launched about six new windows, all by itself ! I tried to shut down my computer, but I could not . When the new windows stopped opening, I then noticed three sixes on the browser. This was very strange, so I took pictures.

 I emailed Microsoft & posted the pic's at MSN community feedback group for information and to get help. The photo's were deleted from the groups message board, and as to date no one from Microsoft has contacted me to explain what this is. No editing or enhancing has been done to the photo's, except to block out my ISP's ( it happens with any isp I use. ) This also now happens now from time to time. I then reboot and sometimes this will work. I have done a reformat , debug , however what ever this is, it's remains on the disk or hard drive.  I have used IE 5 and IE 6 as have downloaded all the security updates that MS states are needed.

        Here are a few photo's for you to see. Click on thumbnails for larger view.

                                    New photo's taken on 9/11/2002

           b666.jpg (54066 bytes)  br666.jpg (10788 bytes)  bro666.jpg (65981 bytes)  brou666.jpg (8882 bytes)  brous666.jpg (60968 bytes)

                                  brouser666.jpg (7473 bytes)  brouser_closeup.jpg (9250 bytes)  dialup_6.jpg (7494 bytes)