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The Fantasy World of Ridaya

Welcome to the Ridaya website. Ridaya is a free form, open-ended, fantasy roleplaying play by e-mail game. We play through Yahoo! Groups, which used to be Egroups.

Let's talk about Ridaya. The main continent is divided up into five kingdoms. Mariandor, Kaschak, Tanicas, Lobelia and Shalhassen. The second continent is off limits, and there is much talk as to what is down there. Many believe an ancient and evil race is gathering an army to attack the settled lands. Can all five kingdoms band togather against this possible threat? We'll just have to wait and see. There are many, many races and creatures who inhabit these five kingdoms. Humans, elves, vampires, mer people, they're all in Ridaya.

The purpose of this group is to have fun, and enjoy ourselves. The rules are few and friendly. So take a look around and drop me a line at for more info. I'll be waiting for you in Ridaya.