Adriana Vertes
Played By: Brenda Bakke

    She was a former Manticore.  She worked on Manticore X-3 to X-7.  Adriana left when she couldn't take it any more.  She began to do medical work in commuities.

    When she heard that Manticore was killing off old doctors, she changed her name.  After she began working on Logan Cale, Jace, one of the X-5s tried to kill her.  Max, another X-5 saved her.  When Jace came back, Max restrained her after Jace fainted. Adriana found out Jace was pregnet.

    She later got in touch with Lydecker and told him that if Manticore would leave her alone, she would give him Max and Jace.  When she brought Lydecker to the safe house.  Not long after, Lydecker shot her to teach Jace to lesson.