Manitcore X5s

 The are fifth class from Manticore - a covert genetics lab in Gillette, Wyoming. As of this point, not all "siblings" have been identified. They were part of an experiment where scientists were testing recombinant DNA to create an advanced infantry soldier.

They was also genetically engineeredusing feline DNA, which gives her some extraordinary abilities.
Someof which, are:
          · Enhanced strength,speed and agility
          · Telescopic and night vision
          · Hyper-sensitive hearing
          · Superior mental processing skills
          · Catlike reflexes/dexterity
          · Strong lung capacity (can hold their breath for 4+ minutes)

Feline makeup apparently extends their sleep patterns (they doesn't sleep much) and for the females mating rituals (Felmales goes into heat 2 or 3 times a year).

In 2009, twelve of them escaped.

Indentified Subjects:

The Training

The Escape