Welcome to Castle Ant Tracks, Steve A.J. Dylag's vanity project and sanitorium.

My God, this place is still standing?

If you've found this place, it's either because:

a) you were trying very hard to find something incriminating about me online, or

b) you're here by mistake.

If the former, then shame on you: you had only to ask.

If the later, better luck next time. In the old days, I'd try and talk you into sticking around. I used to store interesting things here. Thoughts and words I still maintain were no worse than anywhere else online, and often a great deal better. My old introduction read like this:

" I am well aware that there are yak herdsmen in the steppes of outer Mongolia with fancier webpages than this, but one doesn't visit Steve A.J. Dylag to glory in his computer skills. You come for my brilliant and witty concert reviews that are unavailable in Mongolia."

Sadly, because people of the former category exist (are you still here? What are you hoping to find?), such "brilliant and witty" words need to be kept under wraps. Not because I say anything remotely controversial in them (besides preference for certain singers over others), but because these days absolutely anything could be held against you, and it's better just not to let it out.

Your loss (and theirs), but fear not: one day it shall return.