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Welcome to Core...

Welcome to our world. A place where anything is possible. A place where powerful majik and technology dance in an endless waltz of beauty and fury. A place where Corporate mega-cities, teeming metropolises with populations in the millions, protect their walls with technological weapons of war and destruction. Yet it is possible that less than ten miles outside of these walls, there are villages that brave wandering knights in shining armor share tales in taverns still lit by oil lanterns. Hamlets where starved peasants may still pay taxes to a cruel lord of the land.
Where the same peasants could be led by a noble lord in the protection of their homes from marauding goblins. A place where mythical dragons out of legend fly next to airships powered by huge engines. A place of corporate corruption and deception. Where all of the old histories about the land and its majik have been lost or destroyed. Lost until now…..

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