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Name: Jakob Pureblood
Age: 29
Rank: Lieutenant in NOMAD
Race: Human
Weapons: Majikal 2-handed sword (heirloom), satyr 12mm assault rifle

Name: Argon Feradrin
Age: 267
Rank: Sergeant in NOMAD
Race: Streag
Weapons: Double edged, corporate battle-axe Bunny Gun scatter pistol

Name: Greenbo malletthumb
Age: 112
Rank: NOMAD crystalmancer
Race: Veragii Gnome
Weapons: Crystal majik

Name: Verieve Verdot
Age: 56
Rank: N/A, Non-corporate
Race: Cold Mastreel
Weapons: Chain blade, shard Rifle

Name: Chelgar (Chamizgarroth)
Age: 695
Rank: N/A, Non-corporate
Race: Pygmy dragon
Weapons: Tail stinger, Breath Weapon, Claws, Talons, True Majik

Name: Hiero Taylic
Age: 23
Rank: N/A, Non-Corporate
Race: Human
Weapons: Tomahawk, GMI Razor Pistol

Name: Grig
Age: unknown
Rank: N/A, Non-corporate
Race: Hill Goblin
Weapons: Strong piece of wood, Bag of rocks

Name: Isodin Mournshale
Age: Unknown
Rank: N/A, Non-Corporate
Race: Human/Mastreel Hybrid
Weapons: Short Staff