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Lady Hernalth's Elvenbane Corner

This site is dedicated to my dearest Cat, with love.

I want to apologize for lack of recent updating. I've been caught up in personal issues that have taken a lot of my time. But I have started the sequel to Forevor! It will hopefully be up this month!

Hello, and welcome to my Elvenbane website. I'm so glad you dropped by! Well, now that you're here, you probably want to know what's here. And I can tell you truthfully, you won't find another site like this. I know. I've scoured the internet looking. The best site I've found, really the only site, is the online Halfblood Chronicles Encyclopedia. But the infomation there is very simple and to the point.

This site has been years in the making really. It's existed in potentia for a while, I just never got off my butt to do it. Now I have. Technically, the first fan-fiction I ever wrote was for Elvenbane. I recieved the book for a birthday gift, and fell in love with the story. I've read it well over fifty times since then, and I don't think I'm stretching it too far to say I'm one of the biggest Elvenbane fans out there. This site proves it.

Why do I love these books so much? I couldn't tell you. I just fell in love with the world, the characters, everything. And I had a need to continue the world and the characters. And so the stories began. Sadly, most were lost since I started before I had a computer. They are now in hybernation, trapped in the sleeping shell of my old word processer. But I've taken my ideas and restarted.

Just a word of warning I guess. This is an Elvenbane site, but most of the fan-fiction does focus on the character of Valyn Hernalth. He's my absolute favorite character (hence the psuedonym), and I just find him easy to write about. Probably because a lot of his past was left open. I reaize I am in the minority here but I really don't care. Now that you know what's here, Feel free to spend as much time as you'd like. And drop me a line, to let me know what you think. Enjoy!

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What you'll find here:

  • Character descriptions: Yup, a brief summary and blurb about the characters I thought were important.
  • Discrepancies: Things that just did not make any sense to me.
  • Fan Fiction: what makes this site different.
  • Other Things: Stuff that I thought of that made sense to put here. Just interesting tidbits.

    Fan Fiction
    Why Valyn?
    News on the next books!NEW