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Dune Amtal Challenge
A Half-Life Modification

Fremen Knife Model
Posted March 4, 2001

Number-Zero, our new team modeler, is currently working on the Fremen knife. Visit Models to check it out.

Chat Room
Posted February 28, 2001

I have accuired a chat room for our mod.The chat is open to anyone, anytime. There is no password or login name required. Anyone is welcome there to talk about the mod. Every Friday at 6:00 P.M., central time, the dune mod team will be there to talk to our fans and take feedback. To go to the chat rooms click here or click on the link in the bar to the left.

Posted February 28, 2001

The new forums are now up and running. With these forums u no longer have to be registered or have a password to post something. Go visit them by either linking to them from the bar on the left, or by clicking here. We would really like your feedback on the forums so please don't hesitate to post ideas/comments on the mod. Also we currently lack an experienced mapper and could use a few more modelers. If you have experience in these things, we want u on the team. E-mail Fistville at if you wish to join.


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