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Dune-Amtal Challenge: A Half-Life Modification

About Dune-Amtal Challenge

Prelude- The mod will be set in the Dune Universe on the planet Arrakis, also known as Dune. It is a desert planet where water is cherished along with the valuable spice melange. The Mod will be based on the David Lynch film and the more recent Scifi Dune mini-series.

The Mod- Dune - Amtal Challenge will be a class based multi-player mod. We will be implementing things to improve game-play, such as a stamina bar, a ranking system, and class specific skills. As of now, there are two opposing sides, the Harkonnen and the Corrino versus the Fremen and the Atreides. Each side will have different weapons and abilities. The maps will have desert themes and range from Fremen sietches to the palace of Arrakeen. You will be able to respawn during battle (there will not be a round system like in Counter-Strike).

Further Details- There will be four classes, two for each team (note Atreides and Fremen are one team; Corrino and Harkonnen are another). The exact names of the classes for each team have not yet been decided. There will be a skill system and a corresponding ranking system (i.e., earn a new rank and earn the choice of a new skill). The skills will be class specific (i.e., the Fremen class will have different skill choices than the Harkonnen class).

Weapons will be projectile-based (there won't be much knife play like there is in the new mini-series) and will be very powerful. There will also be location-based damage to enhance the realism of the game.