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Edible Atom Project

You may choose any one of the numbered assignments below. You will be responsible for making an edible model of your project to share with the class (please try to be creative!). You will also be required to complete a small 75 word summary of your project. In each assignment below you will find a few questions which need to be answered in your summary. You might choose to work in a group. If this is your choice each person in the group is responsible for writing their own summary. You may have just one project but a summary for each of you.

1. The Atom: Pick one element from the periodic table. Write the name, symbol, atomic number and atomic weight of your atom. How many electrons, protons and neutrons does your atom have? Where on the periodic table is your atom found (ex. metals, metalloids, non-metals, noble gases). What are the properties of your element? Draw a diagram of your atom; also include a dot diagram showing the number of electrons in the outer shell.
Here are some links that will help you to complete your project.
Web Elements Periodic Table
Los Alamos Sample Periodic Table
Chemical Elements
Chem Lab Periodic Table
Periodic Table

This next one looks like fun!
Visual Periodic Table

2. Atoms and Bonding: What are the two types of bonds that can be formed? What role do electrons play in chemical bonding? Why do atoms form chemical bonds? What is the relationship between chemical bonds and chemical changes? How do electrons get transferred? Draw and define both an ionic bond and covalent bond.
Here are some helpful links:
History of the Universe: Ionic Bond
Covalent Bonding
Ionic Bonding
Animation of an Ionic Bond
History of the Universe: Covalent Bond
Covalent Bond a definition

3. Chemical Reactions: Chemical reactions occur all around us every day. Identify a chemical reaction. Describe three ways you can tell if a chemical reaction has taken place. List some common mechanics of a chemical reaction. Differentiate between endothermic and exothermic reactions. Please write and balance 3 chemical equations. You must show before and after with your chemical equations.
Here are some helpful links:
Chemical Reactions: practice to balance an equation
Cemical Reactions Main Background

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