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Links to My Favorite Sites and Sites of My Friends

Some Favorite Writing Resource Sites my opinion the best of the "on demand" publishers. Okay, so I am a little bit bias. Do check out the site.

Maryland Writers Association--A writers group in Maryland. The Maryland Writers' Association (MWA) is a voluntary, not-for-profit organization dedicated to promoting the art, business, and craft of writing.

Washington Independant Writers--A writers organization in the Washington, DC Metro area. Members include writers and editors of all levels of experience and all types of writing. A great group of people.

Washington Area Writers--Take a look and see how a loose group of folks with an idea can evlove into something -- and now there are 6.

Writers Write--A great site, full of information and links. A great place for resources for writers of all genres.

Elf Wood--This is a wonderful site. A world of artists and writers of science fiction and fantasy. You could spend weeks wandering through here.

Where authors and readers come together! Author's Den is a wonderful site with a growing community. site is filled with links for and to fantasy writers. It has a great opening page! Enjoy

Rhode Island Roads Magazine-- A travel, life, dinning & entertainment magazine for people who love RI -- my home state.

Minds & Musings--A gathering place for writers from different forums. We created a spot to relax and have fun. Come visit.

The Dragon Page --A Science Ficton and Fantasy Internet Radio Show associated with Book Crazy Radio. Join hosts Sci-fi/Fantasy Author Michael R. Mennenga and Herbalist/Musician Evo Terra. I was interviewed for the October 17th 2002 show..

Quill and Ink -- A eZine with lots of great articles and poetry. Do check it out. By the way I was interviewed for the third issue.

One Of Us--A British site aimed to help writers around the world find writing resources. Has lots of links, and now a workshop for writers as well.

Wolfrunners --A lively group of mostly women Science Fiction and Fantasy writers and artists. Join their email list for lots of interesting conversations.

Dragon Muse-- The graphics on this site are great and they have tons of information for fantasy and science fiction writers.

My Friends Sites

The Coffee House--A special site filled with links and information about short stories and poetry. Enjoy!

John Bizarre's Cyber Notebook--Belongs to my outrageous cousin -- he is a wonderful comic with a sharp edged humor. So be warnned tread carefully herre (Mature).

Carol Kluz--A wonderful writer and a good friend. Check out this site to find information about her book "Counter Measures" and others.

Some Other Sites to Explore

SciFi--The official site for the SciFi Channel. If you are a science fiction fan, this is the site for you.

Castle Print and Design--A graphic arts and design company in the UK.

Some Other Author's Sites

The Dragon Healer's Web Site-- The home site of fantasy author D.A. Adams with information aobut his new book "The Dragon Healer" Nice site.

Carole Bellacera-- The home site of author of "East of The Sun, West of the Moon" and others.

Richard Carlson--A children's and romance book author

Roseanne Wilson--A site filled with links about books.

Tony Ruggiero--A Science Fiction and Fantasy author.

Morevi--The site of authors Tee Morris and Lisa Lee.

Some Artist's Sites

Alane Fieldron
Dee Dreslough
La Rhonda D. Sanders
Aon Celtic Art and Illumination
I am always looking for interesting sites. Email me.
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