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About the Author

Diane C. Hundertmark

I was born and raised in Providence, Rhode Island. One of my first jobs after graduating from Katherine Gibbs School of Business was at the Providence Public Library, which provided an excellent opportunity to devour their wonderful collection of Fantasy and Science Fiction. I went on to study Anthropology at Rhode Island College. Still fascinated by differences in cultures, their mythologies, and beliefs, I weave much of that into my writing.

I have been writing since High School, and have accumulated a huge stack of bits of ideas and story lines. Most of what I write falls into the Fantasy and Science Fiction genre.

My books are published by A new and exciting way to publish books, is a "print on demand" company, and a wonderful way for new authors to get their books published. Do check out their site.

I also enjoy Role Playing Games and sometimes my various characters can be found on online RPG games..

I enjoy an eclectic mix of literature and music. Some of my favorite authors and music (in no particular order) include: