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DragonElle's Lair

Welcome to the lair of that dragon wench named Elle
If you follow her trail a tale she may tell
Of dashing knights and charming ladies fair
Who come to Court her in her Lair.

She oft pays visits to Kings and Queens
And jaunts to places afar man has ne'er seen
She likes to lie by a quiet pool
And sup on wines that would make you drool.

So please procede into our Ladies Lair
And read the poems and tales she has composed there
Her flights of whimsy you may find
Are not only of the Draconic kind.

DISCLAIMER: The current and following web pages are by no means a true reflection of the authors state of mind. No responsibilty will be taken for the authors actions, comments, suggestions, innuendos, slights, blasphemies,slaging, slanging, stirring, politicking, rable rousing, shit kicking, or the unintentional offence that may have been caused to any peoples of a minority, majority, racial repressed, religiously depressed, sexually inhibited (or liberated) stamp collecting group of lesbian dental technicians and their tri-sexual partners pet budgies. Also, no animals were harmed in the writing of this gratuitous piece of crap. Nor in the movie that is yet unreleased (but a major deal will be signed soon.)

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Last Updated April 10th, 2003