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Spirit Guides

There are many definition of spirit guides, one is that spirit guides are entities that have chosen you to help you on your path through life. These entities can guide you on your path to a higher consciousness. Some believe that spirit guides are the part of your soul that which remains on the other side. Some people with psychic abilities call on spirit guides to help them communicate or channel the spirit realm.

The spirit guides speak to a person on many levels, you might hear them as a little voice in your head, in a dream state, through meditations or some times they can manifest themselves through ectoplasm, in photos or in human form.

Many times spirit guides help bring forth deceased loved ones for closure and other emotional reasons. These spirit guides can be with you for your life or for a short time depending on your needs. Spirit guides vary in number but we all have at least one spirit guide that is with us from birth. More guides can come for specific purposes in our lives.

Guides are attracted by your energy field and may stay with you indefinitely or can come and go, but you may choose to tell a spirit guide to leave if you want.

 Meeting your spirit guides is a form of channeling and is not for everyone and must be done with great care. You never know what if coming forth through channeling, if you feel that you have connected with a negative spirit or are bringing forth negative messages stop channeling and trying to meet your spirit guides.

On the first day ask only yes or no questions do this for the first few days and only ask the question once. Make sure that you sit in a quiet place and relax, you can keep your eyes open or closed and just listen to your thoughts.

Ask your question and allow the answer to come naturally, keep asking with a few more yes or no answers which are not of a personal nature, this is the way you are training your mind to hear the messages that your spirit guides are sending you.

On day two this is when you will get to know your spirit guides again practice asking non personal yes or no answers, pause with each question and listen with your mind. Say hello you should sense a greeting back to you. Ask your spirit guide its name listen hard, at first it may be hard to understand the name but keep listening then ask if it is all right if you call the spirit guide by the name you have heard.

Once you have heard them name and have felt that it is all right to call the spirit guide by that name ask if the spirit guide is ready for more questions, wait for the answer.

The next set of questions should pertain to the spirit guide perhaps about their place in your life, why they are connected to you, how they will help you what is the function and what is your mission.

For the next four days ask your spirit guide questions that interest you pertaining to past lives the universe and other dimensions, do not ask personal questions as of yet. Get to know your spirit guides and the way they communicate through these question times. Over these four days you will get to know your guide and to feel comfortable with it.

On the sixth day you may begin to ask personal questions, but not ones that pertain to your love life or job. Continue with the yes or no questions, like are you my only spirit guide etc. Do not ask for long detailed explanations ask the questions that only require short brief explanations.

At this time you might ask for other spirit guides to speak with you also.

On the seventh day you can begin to ask your spirit guides about your family once again this is not in reference to your love life or marriage or family of your adult life. Your questions might be about your biological family from past lives and their relationship to you. You might want to ask if the soul of a deceased family member is indeed the soul of a new family member perhaps a new born infant.

On the eighth day you can begin to ask questions about your career and job always asking the question as a yes or no answer. Then on day nine you may begin to ask yes and no question concerning your love life.

Over the next couple of days you may begin to ask more detailed questions about your love life goals that you must meet in your life and your job.

Working with your spirit guides is rewarding and can take time and patience to conceive a good working relationship.

As in all work with spirits care must be taken to make sure that you are not channeling or connecting with any negative entities.


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