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Elemental Spirits

Elemental spirits are believed to be spirits of things that inhabit nature. In the era of ancient religions where the belief of animism was common in many societies the belief in the existence of elemental spirits was almost universal. Animism is the belief that trees, mountains, rivers and other natural formations possess a spirit that can bring them to animation.

Today in most occultists and Neo-pagan witches the belief that all things possess life is prevalent. The elemental spirits are thought to possess supernatural powers that render them invisible to humans except if the human has psychic ability.

Along with the nature spirits are the elves who live in the woods and household spirits such as goblins and brownies are included in the classification of elementals. Sometimes fairies and mannikins are included in this classification. Mannikins are male fairies that have the same characteristics as gnomes and elves. There is a controversy among many different writers on the subject of whether elementals are friendly nice little creatures of nature or whether they are evil or mischievous little creatures that cause confusion and pain to humans. Some have classified them as between angel and man and can come in animal or human form.

There are many beliefs as to exactly where the elemental spirit originated. Some believe that the elemental spirit such as elves and the like resulted from Lilithís conception. Lilith was believed to be the original succubi and was the personification of female lust. Some believe that she mated with Adam before Eve. Some say she seduced Adam while others believe that she conceived from his nocturnal emissions. These elementals that resulted from Lilithís conception are believed to inhabit secret parts of the earth. The writers that believe the elementals to be benevolent creatures and they are believed to maintain the natural harmony. These writers also believe that these spirits are ruled or governed over by a higher spirit such as archangels.

Some groups of people believe that elementals lack a soul and that they roam the world seeking to have a sexual union with humans in order for this to happen. This is done through means of an incubus or a succubus as the case may be. Since these spirits are capable of having sex and bearing children so their offspring would carry the elemental stigma to show that they are not truly human.

Many folklore stories contain tales of such offspring of a human and an elemental such as Hercules, Alexander the great, Julius Caesar and more. Some believe that many of these human-elemental unions existed in the royal houses of France and England also.

While some elementals are deceitful and hateful and love to cause problems and tragedies to humans, these entities are associated with a ritual black magic and are sent on their attacks by the practitioners. These spirits are summoned up during the ritual and attach themselves to the victimís aura. In this way they can drain energy from their victim through the aura. This can cause a whole gambit of problems for the intended victim unless the elemental is properly removed.

Thought-forms are elemental spirits that are created artificially. Since they are considered a non-physical entity they only exist in a mental plane, but they can be seen and felt by intuitive people such as psychics. Many folklore and religions from around the world believe in elementals. In Japan the Shinto religion worship nature and its forces and spirits. While the Romans and Greeks believed that spirits inhabit every thing in nature including the air. The Native North American Tribes believed in water babies that inhabited every bodies of water. To the Native American these spirits were not malicious but at times they could be play tricks on humans so they feared them.

Still other areas of the world believe that these little people had in fact special powers and could bestow these on humans.


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