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Connecticut is rich in Colonial history, George Washington is known to have marched with his troops through parts of Connecticut to the battlefields of New York and New Jersey. Also many tragedies have occurred in Connecticut, from the 1955 flood, to murders, to unexplained deaths and vanishing.
All this contributes to a place being haunted. Below is a list of the many areas of Connecticut that have been or are haunted.
Please remember that all of these places are private and requires permission to investigate. Police patrol these areas and you may get arrested for trespassing.
Located in the Naugatuck Valley, it  is a town that has many areas that are believed to be haunted. The first one is Hunters Lane. At one house on this street, a ghost seems to be agitated by people arguing in it's presence. One of the occurrences that have occurred there included, a large piece of furniture with a television set on top fell onto a bed in an empty room, clothes in that room were also thrown all around and even some of the appliances turned on by themselves. The people have reported seeing the spirit of an older woman who seems nice but gets very angry when anyone fights. No one seems to know who this spirit is.
Another area in Ansonia that is having paranormal happenings is the Pine Grove Cemetery. People passing by the gates late at night have heard the sound of children playing and of heavy chains being shaken.  There are reported sightings of figures in all sections of the cemetery. The smell of roses emanates from the cemetery even on the coldest winter days.
Still another area in Ansonia that is haunted is the Eagle House Company Number 6. This firehouse has a lot of strange things happening, usually late at night and only when there is one fireman in the building. No one seems to know the origins of this haunting, but surely an eventful happening for anyone experiencing it!
Located in in Western Connecticut, Bethel is very old Colonial town that has many areas of reported and unknown hauntings going on. The first place that is a reported haunting is the Bethel High School. Unfortunately, Bethel High has a bad history of many suicides being associated with it. Students and employees  have either committed suicides on the school property or else where in the town. Because of this the school was nicknamed "Suicide High".  Due to the increase number of suicides, there have been many reported sightings of apparitions on two floors of the building as well as around the school grounds.
There are two other areas of Bethel that are reported very haunted.  One of the places is the firehouse where people have reported the sound of something very heavy falling, but there is never anything knocked over or out of place. Still another place is Wooster Street, which is very near the Danbury City line. In a boarding house on this street, there have been reported apparitions and sounds in the middle of the night. Many people report that the walls in one room look as if they are melting, but upon examination they are fine. Possibly this haunting is going on because of the some sort of tragedy associated with this house.


Bridgeport, the Park City, is located on Long Island Sound.  It is haunted in many areas by a diverse set of spirits. There are reported hauntings going on in many of the city cemeteries. One of the cemeteries, Lakeview Cemetery on Boston Avenue, has a reported Victorian funeral that appears in the center of the grounds. Still more specters are reported to walk the grounds at night possibly searching for their long lost lives. At Mountain Grove Cemetery on North Avenue, there are reported sightings of a long ago Indian Village that seems oblivious to our time. As well as displaced cemetery dwellers that seem to be lost in time. And the sad vision of a small boy who still cries out to have someone mother him.
Bridgeport at one time was home to the Golden Paugusett Indians and therefore many of the areas that these people inhabited are still very haunted. Also at one time, George Washington made his way to New York State through Bridgeport stopping in area homes and taverns. There are many reports of the vision of Revolutionary soldiers marching along the route that General Washington took.
Like any other town or city Bridgeport has had it's share and some of the areas that these tragedies occurred are very haunted.


Bristol is located in the middle of the state and also has many areas that are haunted. One area that is experiencing hauntings is the amusement park, Lake Compounce. This park is one of the oldest continuous running parks in the country. The land that the park is on was acquired from Chief Compounce back in the late 1800's. The Indian villagers were very angry that their Chief had turned over their land to white men.  A group of the men got together and tied the Chief up, rowed out into the middle of the lake and threw their Chief overboard, where he drowned. To this day there are many reports of the Chief being seen in different areas of the park.
Also one of the first owners, Norton was into Spiritualism and used the house on the property as a meeting place for the congregation. During their services many mediums would channel the spirit world. There are many reported apparitions and unexplained noises in this house, which although part of the park is not seen by the local public.
There seems to also be a lot of tragic deaths associated with this park. In the early 1940's, a young woman was kidnapped, raped and killed and her body was found near the train tracks. Today, that young woman is still seen walking through that area possibly in search of her killer.
The Starlight Ballroom, where it is reported that Frank Sinatra once sang, is a very haunted place; security personnel report many unexplained sounds and sights late at night.
Spiritualism is still practiced at the Church of the Eternal Light on Hill Street. This building was once one of the three original churches in Bristol. There are many strange reports of seeing a circle of people around a slab of concrete on the side of the building. One person traveling down the road late at night saw a person in the bell tower and some people walking buy one night report being chased by balls of light that came out of the closed front door of the church. Still two other woman were there late at night and were chased to their cars by a huge black shape that came out from the woods behind the church. These women reported that they could hear what sounded like trees and brushes being crushed by something-huge coming towards them from the woods.
There have been reports by security that even through out the winter there is the smell of popcorn and cotton candy coming from the area of the carousel.
In recent years,  workers and patrons have met there demise from numerous ride accidents.  A decapitation on their famous roller-coaster, a crushing death on another ride and a drowning from their water ride have all increased the haunted history of this old park


Burlington, located in the Litchfield hills, is a quite New England town much like it was in the early years of it's settlement. There are two areas of town that have reported hauntings in them. Just pass the high school, there is a cemetery at the end of a dark dirt road. There are many reports of this cemetery being haunted by a green mist that many say resembles the figure of a woman. A local history report that many years ago a woman named Elizabeth died in the swamp land that is adjacent to the cemetery and according to reports, her husband either did not or could not save her.  Many people venturing down the road at night report seeing the apparition of a woman shrouded in a green mist. Across the road from the cemetery there is also reports of a large Indian burial ground where unexplained sights and sounds have been heard
Also the Blue Trail, a trail that runs from the Appalachian Mountains to Maine, cuts through a section of the town. Hikers walking along this trail at nightfall report the sound of distant drums coming out of the thin air. The sounds seem to get louder as they approach an area that locals call "Tories Den". There are many reports of satanic activity around this area in the woods and people have reported seeing the image of Satan.
Cornwall is located in the northwestern corner of Connecticut. This small town has become famous for the settlement of Dudleytown, which is said to be cursed. The founders of the settlement were the great grandson's of Edmund Dudley who had been minister to King Henry VII of England. He was for a time considered a close confidante to the King and was appointed President of the King's council.  He lost that title when he was caught stealing from the King's treasury. At his trial, Edmund Dudley was convicted of treason and sentenced to be decapitated. It is believed because of his treason a curse was placed on the Dudley's for all generations.
Some believe that this curse followed the Dudley's to their settlement in Cornwall. Many strange things began to happen to the inhabitants of Dudleytown. One of the first was an advisor to General Washington, Herman Swift, who many say went insane when he was told that his wife had been killed when she was struck by a bolt of lightening at her home in Dudleytown.
Many more strange events occurred over the next few years. An entire family was killed when an epidemic struck the village. Horace Greeley, who coined the phrase "go west young man", married a woman that was born in Dudleytown. Just a week before he lost his bid for the presidency, she took her own life.
In 1892 one family, the Brophys, remained in the settlement but they would not escape the curse. John Brophy's wife died suddenly of unknown causes, a few weeks later his two children disappear without a trace. A week after that, their house burned to the ground mysteriously. The final time anyone saw John Brophy was when he walked away from Dudleytown..
Today, overgrown woods and brush surround Dudleytown. All that is left of the settlement are stone foundations. Many people report feeling as if someone is watching them and the area has an ominous feeling to it. There is no sound or sight of animals or insects   The atmosphere is very heavy as you enter the settlement.  There have been reports of the sounds of people talking, incoherently, in the distance and as you travel further into the settlement, the 'voices' start to surround you.


Danbury is located in western Connecticut near the New York State border. Several hauntings are known to exist on the Tarrywile Park and the Hearthstone Castle grounds.  In this abandoned castle, there are reports of shadowy figures as well as orbs that seem to glow.  Mists can be seen in the windows and the roof of the castle.
There are many reports of hauntings on the surrounding land and at the locations where the servant's houses once stood. Many people have reported being pushed by unseen forces as well as having sticks thrown at them as they hike along the area.
Danbury is also the home for Western Connecticut State University. There are reports of one of the buildings being haunted by the spirit of a young girl, who many say, committed suicide in the tower at the top of that building. There have been reported sightings of her in windows, mirrors and showing up in photos taken in the building. There are reports of a woman screaming in the night and students finding the showers running in the middle of the night.

East Granby

East Granby is located just outside of Bradley Airport in North Central Connecticut. During the 1700's, there was a copper mine that was later turned into a prison to hold people that were loyal to England during the Revolutionary war. During the Civil War. the prison held prisoners from the Confederate States. Today, many of the prison buildings have been kept as they were many years ago so tourists can come and visit.
There are many reports of hearing and feeling spirits in the buildings. Most reports come from the old mine area.  At one time, many prisoners were held in solitary confinement in this area and due to their poor treatment, died. Their deaths could account for many of the reported hauntings in this area.
Easton located in the southwestern corner of Connecticut has become famous for reports of the "White Lady of Easton Cemetery". There are many reports from people including police and firemen who have seen this apparition on different occasions. No one seems to know who this unfortunate soul is, but there are many theories that she may have been a woman who died while giving birth to a child and is now looking for her baby.

Kent Falls State Park

Kent Falls State Park is located on the border of New York State. These magnificent falls were the back drop for cigarette commercials during the 60s and many people travel there each year. But some visitor enjoying the scenic splendor of these falls report feeling as if they are being watched by some unseen force. The hardy visitors that venture up the trail to the top of the falls report that this feeling intensifies as they reach the summit. Many have reported meeting a rather strange man about a third of the way to the top. This man all though dressed as any other normal visitor to the park gives off a rather ominous feeling when encountered. Witness to this man report feeling very uncomfortable and as they pass him they try and avoid his glance, but once they pass him they look back at him but he has vanished from view. Also at summit witnesses report seeing dark shadows that slither out of view, these shadows are seen on even the sunniest days.  On a side note the property that the falls is on abuts the notorious woods of Dudleytown.

Meriden is located in central Connecticut along the Housatonic River. It is the home for the well-known Hubbard Park. This beautiful park is a showplace at Christmas time for the many festive lights that adorn the roadway. It is also very haunted by what people believe is the spirit of a young girl that was kidnapped and later killed in the woods of the park. The reported sightings are of a seven-year-old girl who seems to watch out for anyone trying to hurt a child in the park.  

Another haunting going on in Meriden is the sighting of a large black dog that resembles a Labrador retriever. This menacing apparition is said to be extremely evil and will stare down the unlucky person that happens to come in contact with it. The belief is that if you see the dog once then it is good luck, twice it signals an impending death and the third time is a sign that you will die very soon.
Middlebury is a small town just west of the city of Waterbury. At the intersection of routes 63 and 69, there is, located deep in the woods off an abandoned road, a village that many people believe was built for little people. This village has many small stone houses that were elaborately detailed. These houses stand about three feet high and are built all around the area. There is the foundation of a house that many believe is where the woman and man lived that actually saw the little people. The husband set about building these small houses for their guests.
Also on this site is what many have thought looks like a throne or large chair that is built into the side of a rocky hill. There are many symbols around this chair and on the top of the chair is the likeness of a wolfs head. The legend says that if you sit in the chair you will die soon.
There is a lot of negative energy around this area especially the foundation of the house, which has bars on the windows. Underneath the house is a large rectangular shape that resembles a sarcophagus, it is completely sealed so there is no way to know what is in it. There are many signs of evil in this area, from the many symbols to the altar near the throne. Caution is advised if checking out this area.

Monroe/Trumbull - Four Corners Cemetery-just off Route 111 on Trefoil Drive on the Monroe/Trumbull line there is a small ancient cemetery just off the road. Most of the grave stones are broken and unreadable except for one, that seems to command a place of notoriety in the cemetery. This white marble stone can be found close to the road, just as the woman that the stone memorializes does. This is the grave stone of Hanna Cranna the woman that was known in her time as the Monroe witch. 
Locals feared her and with good reason, if someone crossed Hanna Cranna they could be in for bad luck. There is a story of a woman who loved to bake pies, and one day while they were cooling on her window ledge, Hanna Cranna happened by. Boldly she walked up to the door and demanded a pie, the farmwife offered to give her a small pie. But Hanna would not have that she wanted the largest pie. The wife told her boldly that pie was her husbands favorite and Hanna could take the small. Hanna became angry and strolled away muttering a something under her breath, a curse perhaps. All that is known is that the farmwife, try as she might was never, able to bake a pie again.
Hanna had a great habit of sitting on a rock ledge that can still be found at the edge of Cutler's Farm Road, which is said to be near where Hanna lived. Locals say that Satan himself used to visit Hanna there and that there is an imprint of his hoof print on the rock.
Hanna used to sit upon this rock stopping passerby on their way with their wagons filled with produce on the way to sell it in town. History says that each driver of the wagon would give Hanna a portion of his produce or suffer direr consequences.   
The stone carries the inscription HANNAH CRANNA, 1783-1859-60 WIFE OF CAPTAIN JOSEPH HOVEY. The strange thing is that supposedly every year a woman is seen standing in the road. When this spirit is seen, it looks like a real woman, so the car swerves to avoid it and crashes destroying a single stone in the cemetery. It is always Hannah's grave. So the town almost has to replace it yearly. Also littered around the stone are many coins, possibly Hanna Cranna is still demanding payment ever after death.
Naugatuck, which is located just south of Waterbury, is located along the banks of the Naugatuck River. Just on the outskirts of the town is the Guntown Road Cemetery. There have been many reports of spirit activity in this cemetery. Many people have reported hearing the sound of children's laughter that seems to come from the back wall of cemetery. There are reported sightings of seeing a small boy, who is believed to have been killed and buried in the woods.  Many people report the sound of ragtime music and the sounds of someone running along the wall of the cemetery.
There are also reports of a man holding a lantern astride a horse and rides from one corner of the cemetery to the other.

New Milford

New Milford, a small town located just outside of Danbury, is the home to the Bank Street Coffeehouse. Patrons report hearing footsteps that come up the stairs from the basement. Employees report having things moved around in the kitchen and of seeing shadowy figures out of the corner of their eyes. Not much is known as to what might be causing this haunting but surely a place to go for a cup of coffee!


Oxford is located just north of Seymour Connecticut in the Naugatuck Valley region. Local history states that in the early 1900's, a caretaker, with a hook in place of an arm, would killed anyone that ventured to stay too long to speak to their deceased family member. It is believed that his spirit and his victims spirits return to haunt this area.
Also, behind the cemetery is a field where a house once stood. Local folklore states that a family lived there until the young son killed his family and then committed suicide. The house is now gone but it is believed on Halloween that it reappears briefly.


Thomaston is located in central Connecticut and  is the home of the famous Thomaston Opera House. This theater is very haunted by the spirit of a janitor named George. George is believed to have killed himself by hanging from the rafters in the attic. Many actors, as well as theater patrons, report seeing the apparition of George.
Also located here is a cemetery, that once stood behind the opera house but was moved to make room for the police station in the building. There are reports of seeing a dark shadowy figure that seems to block the way of people that try to leave the cemetery. Many people report seeing mists that shroud the stones.


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