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My Star Wars Action Fleet Reviews

I will rate these sets on a scale of 1 to 5, with being the lowest, and being the highest.

Introduction to the Action Fleet

The Star Wars Action Fleet was released in 1996 by Galoob, and it consisted of toy replicas of starships and vehicles seen in the Star Wars Movies. Each of these toys was roughly five inches long, and came with 1 vehicle and 2 poseable figures. The figures were scaled on a basis where six feet was equal to about one inch, and they represented characters found in the Star Wars Universe. Beginning in 1997, Galoob began releasing vehicles that had appeared for less screen time, including one that was never seen in the movies at all. When 1998 rolled around, the Action Fleet line was greatly diminished. Galoob only released about half of the vehicles that they had in previous years.

In addition to the vehicles that were released in these three years, Galoob also released other sets in the Action Fleet line. There were three playsets released which consisted of a certain location, one from each movie, and they came with one of the Action Fleet vehicles and roughly 6 or seven poseable figures. In adition to this, in 1996 Galoob released another form of set which included a number of poseable figures which came with one of the smaller vehicles used in the movies. They continued this practice in 1997 and 1998 with only a few changes, such as the set no longer needed to contain a vehicle as long as more figures were included in said set. Also released throughout this time were several limited edition and exclusive sets available only through certain stores.

When Galoob was purchased by Hasbro, there was an effort to continue with the manufacturng of the Action Fleet line, but as I don't care for what Hasbro did with the line, and because there were a good many of these sets that I could never find, I will not discuss these at this time or in this place.


Original Playsets

If you click on a picture, it will open a larger picture in a new window. Just close that window to return to where you currently are.

Ice Planet Hoth Playset - released in 1996. It came with Princess Leia Organa in Hoth costume, a Wampa, 2-1B Medical Droid, Luke Skywalker with TaunTaun, and a Rebel Pilot. It also came with a Battle-Damaged Snowspeeder.

Death Star Playset - released in 1996. It came with Darth Vader, the Emperor, a Stormtrooper, a Death Star Gunner, a Royal Guard, and an Imperial Pilot. It also came with Lord Vader's Battle-Damaged TIE Fighter.

Yavin Rebel Base Playset - released in 1997. It came with Princess Leia in Ceremony Costume, Luke Skywalkerin Ceremony Costume, a Rebel Sentry, Wedge Antilles, and an R2 Unit. It also came with a Battle-Damaged X-wing.

I was never able to find these playsets, so I can not accurately review them. The pictures are provided for reference only.


Exclusive Editions

If you click on a picture, it will open a larger picture in a new window. Just close that window to return to where you currently are.

This is the only one of these sets that I never purchased. I saw it once, decided not to buy it at that time, and I have never seen it since. From the look of it, this set came with an AT-AT Driver, and a Snowtrooper, but as I do not own it I can't review this set. If anyone would care to submit a review for this set I would consider posting that here.


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