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My Star Wars Action Fleet Reviews

I will be rating these sets on a scale of 1 to 5, with being the lowest, and being the highest.

1997 Vehicles

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The Rancor set was unique among the action fleet vehicle sets in that it was the only full size set based on a living organism rather than on a vehicle. The figures included in this set were Luke Skywalker with a large bone in his hands, and the Gamorrean guard who fell into the rancor pit with Luke. The Rancor stands 11 cm (4.25 in) tall, and comes with several unique action features. The legs are moveable to a small extent, and the arms and hands are quite poseable. My favorite feature of all is the mouth and digestive tract. By moving the left arm up and down you can open and close the mouth, revealing a small cavity in the body where you can place the figures which came for dinner. The best thing about that feature is that you can lift up the tail to have the figures fall out! Very nice in my opinion. The sculp was a fair likeness, and I found the set to have tremendous play value, thus insuring it's place among my top five.
I rated this set a

The TIE Bomber had a minor role in The Empire Strikes Back, and a quick passing shot in Return of the Jedi, so I wasn't surprised to see this set make it into Galoob's 1997 lineup. The figures that came included with this set included a TIE Pilot, and an Imperial Naval Trooper. My only complaint with the figures was that the trooper's head was facing off to the left instead of forward. The TIE Bomber itself was very well designed I thought. I believe it might have been slightly smaller than scale, but I'm not really sure. The bomber measured 11 cm (4.38 in) from front to back, 11 cm (4.38 in) wingspan, and a height of 6.3 cm (2.5 in). I felt the detail was quite accurate although the coloring was slightly off. The Action Features included in this toy are a cockpit hatch that slides open, an opening hatch between the two pods of the body that had a silver colored insert and an opening hatch on the bottom of the weapons pod that allowed you to insert a firing missile. This set also came with two green missiles capable of being fired out of the weapons pod. When I look at this set, I see a lot of play value. This was one set which was definitely designed with the child in mind, which makes this a very fun set to own.
I rate this set a

The figures included with the B-wing set were a rebel pilot (of course) and a very realistic model of Admiral Ackbar. The pilot has gold stripes on his helmet, and Ackbar is a remarkable likeness. The B-wing is 16 cm (6.25 inches) long and 7.5 cm (3 inches) from nose to stern, and seems to be very close to scale, although it could be a bit longer from top to bottom. Action Features on this set include the unfolding side wings and retracting landing gear. The cockpit section rotates all the way around, and the cockpit itself opens for the pilot. This set was my most highly anticipated set and of the 1997 sets, the B-wing was by far the most difficult for me to find. Search as I might I wasn't able to find it until March of 1999 when I finally found it in Aberdeen Washington while I was on my honeymoon. This is still my favorite set of all of the sets. It came with Admiral Ackbar (my favorite secondary character) and I can't see many other ways to provide him short of making a mini Mon Calamari Cruiser.
I rate this set a

Like all of the sets released in Wave 2 of this year, The A-wing

Of all the sets released in Wave 2 of this year, this set was one of my favorites. The Rebel Pilot and Gunner included with this set came in non-standard white pilot uniforms, and the snowspeeder was an unusual color. For those who are reasonably fammiliar with the secondary characters in The Empire Strikes Back, this ship is entitled Rogue Two piloted by Zev Senesca. Like the Snowspeeder from 1996, this speeder measures 12.5 cm (5 in) long and 11 cm (4.38 in) wide. The coloring on this toy is much different than the coloring on the 1996 speeder. It is a grey/white base with a dark-grey coloring over most of the surface and topped with brilliant orange highlights. The action features on this snowspeeder are identical to those found on the 1996 Snowspeeder. These include a rotating harpoon gun, opening air flaps to assist in decceleration and sharp turns, retractable landing gear, and an opening cockpit that seats two. Overall, while this set wasn't able to make it into my top five, it is a nicely designed toy and does have quite a bit of play value.
I rate this set a