Wishing Well

Summary: Tu/T, Rated PG. BíElanna continues a childhood tradition. A 500 word story.

Disclaimer: Star Trek is Paramountís playground. Sometimes I like to play on the jungle gym and the swings. [Metaphors...arenít they a blast? : ) ]

By Daffnie (trekdimension@yahoo.com)


From the time I was a little girl, I always wanted to do something that I would be remembered by. I used to love the idea of becoming a famous poet, or a Starfleet admiral, or the Hero of the Universe. For every wish I had like that, Iíd toss a rock into a wishing well. Actually, it was a puddle near the lake by my old house, but it was the general idea that I was going for. And I didnít have any pennies...I heard that people centuries ago used small copper disks as a form of currency, and that theyíd toss them into a well of water when they wanted something. So I made a tradition of it. Of course, the things I wanted were childish fantasies...going no further than my mind or occasionally in a journal that I eventually threw into the lake. The reality of those wishes would never be, and once I saw that they were only dreams (with the help of my wonderfully pessimistic mother), I was hurt. Iíve always hated when reality comes back and slaps you in the face...just so youíd open your eyes to the harshness of life.

Now that Iím on Voyager, welcomed into the arms of everybody here, I can happily leave my imprint in the minds of these people...and if that wonít happen, atleast I can hope Iíll leave some residue. They have taken me in, changed me from a rebellious, fiery Maquis, to a respected and loved Chief Engineer. I can make something of myself, and maybe if Iím lucky, Iíll be remembered.

It took me a while to let go of my ego, my thoughts that I was destined to do something that would change history. Tuvok, like my mother once did, made me see the austere reality of the situation. It hurt, like always, but Iím glad he gave me that cold splash of water to wake me up. He told me that I was just as transient as everyone else...just as lost among the stars of time, stars like Kahless and Kathryn Janeway. Iím merely a dying brown dwarf, at best. A fleeting memory.

And hey, I guess can live with that...

I go to Tuvok often now for my daily dosage of wisdom. He has so much to say, actually, once you bother to ask. I would have never thought he could talk that much. Itís funny, really, and yet it seems so natural for him. He has layers upon layers under that Vulcan indifference, and I find it extremely comforting. Just his presence sets me at ease...with those dark brown eyes and adorable pointed ears. Sometimes I wish I could just go taste them, try to make Tuvokís stoicism peel away. See if he can handle a Klingon...

Wait a minute. Whereíd *that* come from? Get a grip on yourself, BíElanna. Heís your mentor, not your mate.

But I canít help wanting him to be...

Another penny goes into the wishing well.