From Here to the Toilet

  Summary: T/T'Pol, Rated G. Trip has to pee. In response to Saturn's Orbit Narrative Challenge #5.

  Disclaimer: Enterprise is Paramount's.

  By K'Tea



       Trip had to pee. Badly. REALLY badly. There was only one problem with that, he was supervising some serious engine repairs. He tried to ignore it, but as always he gradually became aware that he was fidgeting, and it was not because he was bored.
       The ensign doing the work on the warp core finally noticed. "Uh...Sir? Is something wrong?"
       Trip quickly said no, but that he had to go do something fast and he'd be right back. He left engineering and headed for the nearest toilet. As he rounded the first corner in the corridor Dr. Phlox intercepted him and started harping about how Trip still hadn't come in for his physical.
       "Yeah, Doc. I'll come in real soon." Anything, just let me go to the bathroom, Trip added silently. He hurried away before Phlox could turn it into a dicussion as to why so many human males avoided the doctor's.
       Trip hurried down the hall only to be stopped and invited to a poker game in some Lieutenant's quarter's. He accepted, he loved poker but right now he loved a toilet more. And it was calling to him. Loudly.
        Trip continued toward the object of his desire only to be stopped next by the Captain who reminded him that the dinner/meeting was tonight and it was the chef's 3 alarm chilli. Trip groaned mentally, that meant a night of indigestion, and he was having stomach problems already. Forget Poker.
        He had almost reached the toilet when he met T'Pol and she inquired about what the phrase "Dead as a doornail" meant. He told her he didn't know and nearly ran to the potty. Finally. The door hissed open.
       There was Porthos, slurping from the toilet bowl.