Working Title

By Stefanie

We had been on the road for about an hour. Crystal and I had been talking about trivial things. I was get antsy in anticipation for what was less than two hours away. I think she was, too, but she wouldn't let on.

I planned to change that.

I leaned over to her and began nipping on her earlobe.


I had wanted them to go spend some time alone so they could get better aquainted. I had to fight Kyle about this one, him insisting that I come with them because this was a weekend meant for all three of us. I held my ground in pure stubbornness, and he finally gave in.

He and Crystal had only talked briefly in person before, and I'm sure at that time, each was just as uncomfortable as the other. They both had connections through me, and I assume they were rather unsettled when I had to go off alone to do some things and they were left to sit and talk. They had gotten to know one another pretty well through instant messaging, though, and I'm sure both were eager to meet again in person. So I sat alone in the hotel room we had gotten typing on Kyle's laptop. I told them to go have dinner or something.

I figured Crystal was still having her doubts about this whole idea of the three of us getting together, so I was hoping Kyle could use his smooth, charming personality to convince her she was just doing what everyone, including her, wanted.

I had been alone there for a couple of hours (to my amazement) before I finally heard them coming down the hallway to our room, even with the door closed. They were both talking animately and laughing. Then I heard one of them hush the other one up, and Kyle opened the door. I turned to look at them enter, each bearing a grin that clearly said "We know something you don't know", then went back to what I was doing on the computer. They took their shoes off; she went and sat on the bed while Kyle walked over to me at the desk and hovered at my shoulder.

"You should know I hate when people hover over me like that," I commented, minimizing the screens on the monitor before he could see what I was doing.

He ignored me. "What are you working on there? Something smutty, I hope."

I laughed a little and quipped, "You'll see. Now run along and play with your new friend."

"Yes, Mom," he retorted sarcastically, then muttered, "God I need a drink."

Crystal laughed, and Kyle went to sit next to her on the bed. To my left was a large mirror where I could see what they were doing at a glance. I took a sip of water from the cup I had on the desk then went back to my work.

"You know," Kyle said, "you won't be able to keep it a secret for long. You're saving it on my laptop."

"I'm well aware. And it's not going to be kept secret for long. I was planning to share it with both of you once I finish."

"How far along are you?" Crystal asked.

"Give me...maybe ten or fifteen minutes, and I should be done."

It was oddly silent in the room for a long while with the only sound being my fingers on the keyboard. I glanced at the mirror to see what they were doing, expecting them to be making out or something. Instead, they were sitting there patiently, apparently just waiting for me to finish.

"You two can busy yourselves with each other if you want. I don't mind, you know."

"We know," Kyle said. "But we've spent a long time together already today, and we want to do things with you. Now, if you'd just pick up the pace on this "Mystery Project" of yours, we could actually do something together."

"I told you I'll be done soon. Just be patient, would ya?"

I got no response to that.

A little over ten minutes went by. They were just sitting on the bed together...not even touching...the whole time. I typed my last few words, read over what I had written quickly, then smiled to myself.


"Finally!" Kyle said. "Can we read it now?"

He started to get up. I swiveled around in the chair.

"Have a seat. I'll join you."

Everyone was one the bed together then. I closed the laptop.

"I thought we were going to get to read it," Crystal said.

"Not quite yet. First, I want to hear about what you two went off and did."

"We had dinner at Applebee's," Kyle simply said. "We found one just down the street."

"And you spent over two hours there?"

"Damn it to bloody fucking..." Kyle said under his breath. Then he looked at Crystal and said openly, "We didn't think about this too well, did we?"

She just laughed.

"So. Here's the deal. You spill it, and I'll share what I wrote."

I was a little surprised when Crystal was the first one to open her mouth to speak. "We went to a porn shop."

"Oh really? Buy anything good?"

"Telling you that wasn't a part of the deal, Stef. You heard what we did, now it's your turn."

I sighed. "Okay then. Well..." I looked at each of them, both looking back in anticipation. "It's a story. One I'd like to live. I want you to both read it separately. Then after that, we can actually go through the motions. If you get sick of acting it out, then we can decide to just go with the flow and do our own thing. But I thought this would be a good way to start things out. So...who wants to read it first?"

"I do," Crystal offered.

As she read it, I observed her carefully to get her reaction. I noticed her breathing became quick and shallow. I wondered if she was wet, but I figured I would find out soon enough, anyway.

With what sounded like a genuine "wow" after finishing reading it, she passed the laptop over to Kyle. His reactions weren't as obvious as hers, but I could still tell he was aroused.

He got done reading, closed the laptop, and set it on the nightstand next to the bed.

"You probably both noticed I didn't put any dialogue in there. That's because I simply wanted us to do the actions. I wanted your real thoughts to come into play. I didn't want to put words in your mouths."

persnothear: hi amourdesappho: hi persnothear: We had been living together in our apartment for months now and had our own routine we went to class went to work and spent most of the rest of our time together either as a couple alone or with some of the few friends we had made while hear. But the last few days I had grown bored and restles with the routine I needed soething new and she could tell. It was Saturday and stef was late coming back from her job but I wasint worried yet she was only a half hour late another half hour went by then an another an hour and a half was a lot. persnothear: "hey you ok" "yeah I just stopped to graba few things for tonight nothing important just thought of some little things we need from the sore" "ok I was just worried" I"ill see you in a while" click as the cell connection died I decided to change and do some of my old combinations I regretted quitting martial arts but their simply wasn't time any more for formal classes so stef and I had asked the land lord if he could move the furnature out of the other bedroom and had turned it into our own little studio I walked in and began to change putting on my old black uniform and still all to new black belt. As I rose from tying it on I heard the door open and stef walk in but I didn't want to stop now that I had changed so I just called out to her. "need any help" "no I got it" "K" persnothear: with that I began the dance like movement of my forms. I alwase closed my eyes to practice the better to avoid distractions as I shut out the rest of the world and just lived the form. "you know how sexy I think that looks on you" I was surpised to hear her. "really what are you going to do about it?" I said in a teesing voice I alwase loved the games we played and now that Stef and I were far from our homes she had been growing and changing becoming more shore and confident of herself in and out of bed. "why don't you come with me and ill show you what I got" she knew I would follow her so she walked out of oour spare room down the short hallway to the bedroom we shared where I saw two bags one of them innocently labeled tj max the other not labled. persnothear: I was beginning to wonder what was going on stef was acting odd she ushualy wated for me to seduce her not the other way around as I looked at the bag and up at her I realized she wasint wearing the same thing as when she left gone were the pants and polo shirt of her work cloths replaced by a black skirt and shirt that rapped around her similar to the way my gi top rapped around me it vanished into her skirt with s psir of swhat looked like shear (tights?) and I realized I had forgotten how wonderfully evil those eyes could look. As she walked confidently over to me and kissed me hard on the lips forcing her tongue in my mouth before I had time to react or think my body was moving on its own wrapping her up in my arms and reaching up and down to pull her face even more into mine. As my other hand grabbed her ass thrusting our hips together. At first her hands had been on either side of my ass sqeezing it through my thin workout pants but then as mine had started to snake under her skirt and was about to tell e whether she was wearing panties her hands pulled back off of me and then pushed us apart breaking our kiss. Her hands came forward and undid the not of my belt letting it drop to the floor as she said "this is a night for us not fighting" as my belt fell my top came open and se raised off my shoulders and back just far enough for it to fall joining my belt on the ground. As she again pulled me in for a kiss this time I was ready and opened my mouth for her tongue but in stead it circled and traced my lips before reaching behind them and teasing just inside my mouth as soft moans began to escape me I could feel my cock making a tent of my pants as she pulled back and told me to lie on the bed. persnothear: I moved over to the bed not even considering saying no or asking any questions for feer of ruining the mood. I lied down on my back with my cock obvious through the black material of my pants. Stef climbed up and sat on top of me streadling my cock with it just inches from where I wanted it to be. Then she got up and walked over to the brown bag and produced a cd that was quickly put on it was soft soothing relaxing music. A part of me wondered how long it would be until we couldint hear it over our own moans and sounds of passion. I started to sit up but before I could even half rise I heard "if you sit up ill have to tie you down. And then you wont have your hands to use.." before the sentence was done I was back down she again walked stradled my legs and I made a real effort to flinsch my cock to get her attenshion back on it but she simply said "relax" as her hands started to move over my chest her fingers have alwase known exactly where to touch me to make me woan and she soon had me squirming under her touch it alwase felt so good to feel them running up one side of my body and down the other or circling my nipples before she pinched them. Running both her hands up the sides of my chest and hen down the center. "would you like my shirt off" "Ohh yes I want to see your tits stef. I want to play with them and suck them into my mouth. persnothear: "well maybe later for now roll over." God was she in a playful mood tonight I thought, as I rolled over. I wonder how far this will go. As I started to lay down this time on my chest I felt her hands at my hips inside the elastic of my pants as she started to pull them off of me I rose slightly making it easier for her. As the black fabric was pulled down my frame I could feel the smoothness of her fingers tracing down the outsides of my legs inlay she pulled them off of me fight and traced her hands back up this time inside my now naked legs until she reached my inner thighs then she just stopped. "do you want me to keep going and play with your ass or should I use my mouth every where else?" "OHHH whatever you want just keep going" persnothear: thats all of it amourdesappho: sorry it took so long for me to read it. i had to minimize the window for a while. i love it so far. you so much better at this than you think. persnothear: she didn't bother to answer and simply lead her fingersup even further brushing past and over my nuts running her fingers over the center of my ass. And then up my spine as she again sat down on me this time I could feel the tights only went just above her skirt and were attached to something crotchless. I could feel the warmth and the flesh of her pussy as she straddled me. Tracing desighns on my back brushing nerves and pleasure senters as she teased meshe seemedto stay on me for endless hours of pleasure under her silky fingers before sliding herself down my legs and starting to kiss and run her tongue on my slit and hole. Nibbling on the cheeks as I moaned for her to continue. "Ohh yes stef YES keep going ohh yeah tongue me please use your tongue on me." But then ones again she stopped and in her best do it or else voice "roll over and spread your arms and legs." persnothear: so why did you log on amourdesappho: doing homework persnothear: realy amourdesappho: yup persnothear: ohh ok ohh well do a good job persnothear: i gota go i may be back in a little while amourdesappho: k persnothear: email me the story and ill send you back suggestions amourdesappho: k, bye