Say That Again

Summary: J/T, angst, Rated PG-13. Revelations come when Janeway says goodbye. Inspired by JuPiter Station Narrative Challenge #411.

Disclaimer: Star Trek is owned by the great people at Paramount. I'm sure they won't mind me manipulating their characters for a while. :)

Note: This story is primarily f/f. If you are offended by or uncomfortable with slash, I recommend turning back and trying some of my gen stories.

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By Daffnie (


I have never felt so elated. I want to stop time so I could spend eternity with you. To have you with me always and forever would be the best thing I could ever receive. I want to recreate that moment of bliss, that moment of passion between us. It was the most phenomenal time of my life, and I would give anything to bring it back. But for now, I will have to settle with what I have...but what I have is still wonderful. I keep the memories with me, never letting them slip completely from my mind (even in sleep), never letting you creep out of my thoughts. When we made love, I instantly felt like I was a part of you, and you of me. My body on yours, feeling the heat radiate from you, feeling your fingers run along my skin. It was as if we were one mind, one soul all moving in sync, all able to blend into each other. We were meant for one another, just as birds were destined to sing and flowers destined to bloom.

But all things are destined to die as well.

And is that what you want? Is that what you wish for in our relationship? It seems like it. I talk to you; you speak the most minimal of words back to me. I smile at you; you just stare like you're looking at nothing. I touch you; you turn away. It hurts me, Kathryn. Why can't we have that time of pleasure back? Don't you want to experience it again? Or perhaps you want to push it all away, like you do with everything, everybody else. Did you even want it in the first place? Was everything, was your love, all an act?

Damn you if it was.

You said you loved me. I asked you to say that again, and you did. You made me happy, but I don't think those times will ever be back.

I was broken when you said goodbye. You left me for your solitude. You were scared, and I try to understand, but I can't. You told me I would never be able to understand you, but I believe I do...more than you think.

Kathryn, I'll be happy if I can kiss just you one last time. I'll be happy if you tell me you love me.

Say that again.