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Awards My Site Has Won

My first award...Thanks to Apache.

Another award! :)

My third award!

Thanks to Geordi at the JuPiter Station, I have received a fourth award. This one means a lot!

A great award from Fantasy Fights.

Thanks, Slik, for this one! I love it!

Below are the comments that came with the award. Thank you so much!

Congratulations you have been awarded The Northen Stars Intrepid Fan fic Award.

We the Intrepid group felt that you fufill our requirements with honor. Only a few of this awards are granted, just 4 each year. You are the 5th to receive it. We hope that you will accept this award. By accepting this award you will be named as our honorary member of the year.

The Award is granted to you for your writing skills and for your easy accessable web pages. This is our way to show our appreciation for your hard work.

We the Intrepid group find you guilty of EXCELLENCE on the following remarks: (Fleet honorary guard...Attention...Daffnie step forward to receive the AWARD...)

1. You show talent in plot writing as well as in Grammer and controlling the English writing language. We the Intrepid group feel at home with your skills.

2. You have spell bound and bewitched the members of the Intrepid group with your stories/Fan Fiction .. We whom visit often say Daffnie’s pages are well worth a visit. At least once a month.

3. You have brought the characters Lt. Tom Paris and Captain Kathryn Janeway to life in the most fascinating way. Both in the Fan Fiction and Art that is posted at the site.

4. You write with humour, tendency of tragedy and passion.

5. You have mastered the art of describing a mature lovemaking between two passionate characters.

6. You have inspired others to write.

7. You have shown in a beautiful way that Fan Fiction is more than stories. They are ways to express one self and to trust in your imagination.You encourage others by posting their stuff.

8. You have shown remarkable ability to come up with new things to improve your web pages.

9. You show compassion, rage, violence, love, anger, sadness, fury, rage, commitment, engagement and much more in your stories. Not just the beautiful parts of humanity. You have shown what humanity has least given us a goal to strive for.

10. You have fufilled our requirements well above and beyond. The Intepid groups expectation and limits. We are truly grateful for all the hard work you do on the Daffnie’s Place.

Yours truly The Intrepid group. Represented by: Fleet Captain of the Intepid force. Cpt.Sammy Lee Austen

These are great! Thanks a lot!

Thanks for such a cool award!

Actually, this was awarded to Saturn's Orbit, but I don't have any place to put it there.

Win an Award

I am currently not accepting any entries for awards.

I will decide which award best suits your website content. It is possible that your site will *not* receive an award if I don't feel it deserves one (that is, if it doesn't include the requirements and/or if it simply is poorly made). The requirements for all submissions are:

~ It must be *your* website you're submitting.
~ There must not be any offensive, vulgar, racist, adult, etc. material unless CLEARLY noted that a viewer will be entering that area of your site.
~ Broken links must be minimal. (This will not be a major determining factor if your site gets an award or not, but if there are MANY broken links, you will not receive one.)
~ It must be Star Trek related.
~ It must include a standard disclaimer.
~ It cannot be a site run by a business.
~ Any "All-Links" sites will not be considered. The site must have substance.
~ And if you win an award, you must link it to my website!

Here are the possible awards you can win:

To win the Mercury Award, your site must be original and interesting...not the run-of-the-mill website.

To win the Pluto Award, your site must have well made graphics (and if they take a long time to load, they better be worth the wait).

Enchanted Moons

To win the Neptune Award, your site must have several original Star Trek stories THAT ARE CREATED BY THE WEBSITE OWNER. Fan fiction archives will be considered, but they must include the stories of the web master/mistress.

Enchanted Moons
JuPiter Station
ConTrol & Temper

To win the Platinum Award (which is the most difficult one to win), your site must have easy navigation, interesting theme and layout, few broken links, good graphics, and if it is in frames there must be a no-frame option.

JuPiter Station
Ric Noell's Galaxy

Good Luck!