My Poetry

New September 11 and 12, 2002: "Silence" and "There Is No Comfort"

Life Forgotten

O human who bestowed upon
A treasure in the skies
Took upon a weakened soul
And relished in the cries
From a swelling water
A crashing wave within the sea
Throws the fragile widowed leaves
Away from bitter trees
Sight bewildered, a smoldered flame
The single soul begotten
A wish to wander, dying fleet
A life crashed down, forgotten
O human who believed a doubt
A sing song falling grin
To hold a hope with
Audacious plans
Will lead to weeping sins


Breathing with the rhythm with rays of foreign suns
Hiding from a wilted pulse that is forever gone
Dying on a planet destined not to have a place
Running from a terror that raps upon the gate
Searching for the bearers of a kingdom justice fears
Falling are the stars that contradict the tears
Seeing with eyes that gazed along the floor
Tossing back the queer restraints that long for something more
In forlorn silence withers I...
Crashing down...

Needing Company

I crouch alone within the box
That holds darkness
That holds sorrow
And I pray that you notice me
Here, crying...
For you to silence me with
A finger on my lips

But I am forlorned
Within my box
That is ordinary and solid
...But bruised
From you
From my tears that
Hollow out my heart
And leave me to my misery

You come so near
But continue to pass by
And my wails
Are too silent for anyone
But myself to hear
So I claw at the box
Wishing it would yield. Let me free.
But it burns and melts
And forms to my body, and I bleed
And my silence remains,
Quieter than usual
And the box holds me
Within its lonely, bloody fingers


They used to be here
Within me
In my head
I am lost
And insane
And deep within
The lack of bravery

The darkness breathes me in
The stillness shatters
From waves of piercing, dangerous cries
Pleas to be forgotten
Just leave me be

No one understands
They try
I sit by myself and talk
To the voices
No one else can hear
It's depressing, really
Because they have vanished
It was intentional,
But not by my own hands did they go
They were my best friends

Now they are gone
Left me to mourn
Left me to my silence
The silence kills

And I slowly fade into the black abyss

There Is No Comfort

Don't complain
Your complaints are petty
Don't try
Your attempts will fail
Don't sing
No one will listen
Don't paint
Your canvas, stale
Don't cry
There is no comfort
Don't move
You'll always fall
Don't wonder
You'll never know
Don't grow
You're forever small
Don't mourn
They won't come back
Don't bleed
You'll leave a stain
Don't speak
Your lips are cracked
Don't live
No one remains

Screaming at Nothing

It comes down to this
The pain within these walls
That screaming in my mind that never seems to go away
But I feel complete when Iím with you
I feel an energy that surrounds us
That breathes me in like the wind
But stillÖ
It comes down to this
The fire within these walls
These tears in my eyes that never seem to let up
But I feel safe when Iím with you
I feel content, at peace
With what you have to offer me
And stillÖ
It comes down to this
The horror within these crimson drops
That spill onto the floor
Sometimes Iím scared when Iím with you
Iím afraid of the truth
That sucks me into the abyss
But stillÖ
It comes down to this
It comes down to nothing and yet here it is: