Already Filthy
By Stefanie Roszkowski
28 November 2002

So lovingly, so carefully
Willingly he envelops love
Accepts it for what it is
Denies what it can become
Only crying once when, hastily
It stretches in boredom
And disinterest and leaves
You need two to truly dance
To step in time, holding on
Never stopping until the music ends
And the music has stopped
Abruptly, in anger and boredom again
He has been abandoned
An unwilling participant in
A cruel gave of love and
Diseased emotions
They remain friends
He already has others in mind
Someone other than the heart breaker
To steal away his breath
His desire and careful displays of trust
All were misunderstood and abused before
All were taken for granted by
The one who left him
Heart breakers deserve their exile
Done by their own dishonest hands
To use love as one uses a rag
Cleaning up the mess with an
Already filthy cloth
Is to leave only the residue
The residue of that boredom
Which has haunted the eyes
Of the heart breaker
The innocent can't understand
So they will continue on, gratefully