Summary: Rated PG. What happens when Kathryn finally gets to sleep during "Night".

Disclaimer: Star Trek is Paramount's.

By Daffnie (


She screams at the indifferent walls to let her out. Trapped in a sterile trance, relieved of normalcy and its benign duties, she drops - like the tears - to her knees, feeling hesitant reassurance from a stable foundation. Searching for a spade in complete darkness proves to be useless, especially since it seems unlikely to find one in such a barren box. So her bitten-jagged fingernails claw at the foundation, and she wishes it would no longer be as stable. Her efforts produce only sore digits, raw and spilling liquid life...and she becomes mutual with the surging bouts of anger. But she knows she must still free herself somehow from the suffocating prison, for struggling behind such solid indifference is exhausting, pointless. Her energy is low; she collapses fully to the ground, into a blacker darkness where conscience has no permit.