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There will be two drabble contests going on at the same time. They both have the same rules, except that one is P/7 and one is J/P.


~Stories submitted must only be 100 words in length (this doesn't include the title, disclaimer, author's name, etc.).

~No R or NC-17 drabbles will be entered into the contest, nor will drabbles that include anything offensive (such as rape, excessive foul language or violence, anything racist, etc.) The ratings that are allowed are G, PG, PG-13, and PG-15.

~A limit of 2 drabbles will be accepted per author, per pairing.

~Stories do not need to be new (not previously archived), but they do need to be your own!

Additional information:

Categories to choose from are: Angst, Comedy/Humor, Romance, Alternate Universe, Episode Edition. No PWP or smut!!!! NOTE: The category really is not a factor in if you win or not. There are only two winners here: one for the best J/P and one for the best P/7. Choose the category in which you can write the best and which you think will appeal to your readers (myself included! yes, I am going to vote, too!).

The voting booth will be open on August 16th and will close on August 19th. The winners will receive an award, and I will display them on my website along with their winning drabble.

Dates: Submissions will be accepted from August 3 to August 15 (the deadline has been extended because of the few drabbles submitted. Hopefully, this will give more people time to write.). Drabbles will be displayed for reading from whenever I receive and post the first one, and I will leave them up after the deadline. WINNERS WILL PROBABLY BE ANNOUNCED ON AUGUST 20TH. (This date has changed, as well.)

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