Never Meant To Be

Summary: Tu/T, P/T (implied), and J/P. Rated PG. A drabble. Tom breaks off his relationship with B’Elanna, and she looks to Tuvok for comfort. In response to ConTrol & Temper Challenge No. 29 [First line challenge: "Never thought I'd see the day..."]

Disclaimer: Not mine. Paramount’s.

By Daffnie (


“Never thought I’d see the day...” B’Elanna said bitterly, standing in the doorway of the Mess Hall. No one else was there; she was glad no one saw this. She caught Tom and Kathryn in a compromising position, but they didn’t notice. B’Elanna cleared her throat. They spun around, eyes wide and scared.

After the shock wore off slightly, Tom hung his head.

“B’Elanna...I’m sorry,” he offered, knowing it would never be enough of an apology. “We were never meant to be.”

She ran, crying, to the only person she could trust. Tuvok. Maybe he’d understand her. Tom surely didn’t.