Summary: J/P, PG, angst. Drabble. An early-series story about what might have happened if the Maquis took control of Voyager. Tomís POV.

Disclaimer: Fear not, Star Trek isn't mine.

Daffnie (


I can never forgive myself. I let her die. Itís what she wanted, but I could have tried to save her. She wouldnít have made it, but I still could have tried.

What I donít understand is why he did that to her. He was always a faithful commander, always her right-hand-man. But he was Maquis at heart. I guess it was always there, the hatred and greed.

When he shot her, I craved revenge, but Kathryn is always forgiving. She told me not to fly the shuttle back until she was gone, and then she died in my arms.