Top 10 reasons why Star Trek is better than Star Wars:

10. Darth Vader has only one sphere, the Death Star. The Borg have thousands upon thousands of spheres AND cubes. (Geometric shapes seem to be a favorite among villans...)
9. Those light sabers are kinda primative compared to phasers. Why have a sword when you can have a gun?
8. Star Trek has four series (soon to be five) and a lot more movies.
7. The Federation vs. The Force. Skywalker wouldn't have a chance!
6. Star Trek's technology is much more advanced. What's so bad about transporters saving you life, anyway?
5. The graphics in Voyager alone are just as good as those in the re-made version of Star Wars.
4. Chakotay doesn't fall in love with Janeway and find out she's his sister.
3. People on Star Wars are mostly planet-ridden. Doesn't seem like there have been any ships lost for seven years to make it back home against all odds, no space stations that survive through constant battles, or anything else like that.
2. There is more than one way to get around...from star ships to shuttles to transporters...from warp to transwarp to slip stream...

And the Number One Reason Why Star Trek is Better Than Star Wars:

The Borg Queen isn't Kathryn Janeway's mother.