KosetsuTetsujin: sup ParisJaneway: enriching my mind KosetsuTetsujin: coolness KosetsuTetsujin: I had a super kickass weekend ParisJaneway: what happened? KosetsuTetsujin: went to this awesome coffee house, met a whole bunch of new people KosetsuTetsujin: got drunk KosetsuTetsujin: had a blast witht hat KosetsuTetsujin: brought over the guitars today KosetsuTetsujin: me and mike jammed out KosetsuTetsujin: starting a new music project now KosetsuTetsujin: kmfdm ish kinda techno metal stuff KosetsuTetsujin: plus we did some coffee house jazz and acoustic rock KosetsuTetsujin: had a really introspective tarot reading KosetsuTetsujin: had great food KosetsuTetsujin: I haven't felt this good in a long time KosetsuTetsujin: I feel like I did when I was back at state ParisJaneway: that's wonderful to hear KosetsuTetsujin: yeah KosetsuTetsujin: this tarot reading was awesome KosetsuTetsujin: basically it confirmed my fears about caitlin KosetsuTetsujin: that she's going to marry this guy KosetsuTetsujin: and for a while I'm going to feel stabbed in the back KosetsuTetsujin: but she's not for me KosetsuTetsujin: that's the bad part KosetsuTetsujin: good part KosetsuTetsujin: somebody is coming into my life KosetsuTetsujin: and it's like true hollywood style KosetsuTetsujin: like we meet KosetsuTetsujin: don't really go after each other or anything KosetsuTetsujin: but being together just kind of happens KosetsuTetsujin: then I'm like holy shit i love you KosetsuTetsujin: hendrix (buddy who does this things) KosetsuTetsujin: is like KosetsuTetsujin: yes bud, you finally get something you want and deserve ParisJaneway: :-D KosetsuTetsujin: or at least want anyway KosetsuTetsujin: and he's like KosetsuTetsujin: I can't really tell you anything about her KosetsuTetsujin: becuase quite frankly it comes out of nowhere KosetsuTetsujin: it's like KosetsuTetsujin: holy crap! KosetsuTetsujin: he's like KosetsuTetsujin: it's weird, neither one of you kind of go after each other but it's like KosetsuTetsujin: hey how's it going KosetsuTetsujin: hang out a day KosetsuTetsujin: and then KosetsuTetsujin: make out the next out of nowhere KosetsuTetsujin: he said she's supposed to have brown hair though KosetsuTetsujin: so that put some nice icing on my awesome weekend KosetsuTetsujin: how was your weekend? ParisJaneway: it was good. i worked fri and sat. sun i spent bumming around mostly. KosetsuTetsujin: can't wait KosetsuTetsujin: this weekend is Detroit Electronic Music Festival KosetsuTetsujin: that rolls right into my birthday KosetsuTetsujin: then next weekend KosetsuTetsujin: we start up the music project ParisJaneway: this is OT here, but what are your spiritual beliefs? KosetsuTetsujin: OT? ParisJaneway: off topic KosetsuTetsujin: ah KosetsuTetsujin: to quote myself ehem KosetsuTetsujin: "The japanese treat religion the way the british treat government, no real written code, just a whole bunch of mishmashed beliefs." KosetsuTetsujin: so my beliefs are varied ParisJaneway: in what way? KosetsuTetsujin: but the basic ideas are thus: KosetsuTetsujin: 1) the closer you get to god and the spiritual, the simpler things become, and the more complicated they become KosetsuTetsujin: because they are simple KosetsuTetsujin: 2) people shouldn't act they way they do, your life doesn't belong to you, it belongs to the giver of life, God KosetsuTetsujin: 3) stop tryiing to shape the world, you throw it out of balance, it's god's plan not yours KosetsuTetsujin: 4) I believe in god, I don't believe in religion, religion is manmad KosetsuTetsujin: manmade KosetsuTetsujin: 5) Jesus, Lao Tzu, and Buddha are practially the same person KosetsuTetsujin: just their followers collectively fucked up everything KosetsuTetsujin: that about sums it up for the simpler points I'd say KosetsuTetsujin: oh yeah KosetsuTetsujin: a few others ParisJaneway: do you label yourself as anything? agnostic, perhaps? KosetsuTetsujin: 6) there is no evil, there is just not enough good KosetsuTetsujin: 7) good is a commodity just like everything else, enjoy your happy moments in life, for the cost is someone else's unhappiness KosetsuTetsujin: I label myself as a Daoist cause a lot of my beliefs are asian influenced KosetsuTetsujin: and Lao Tzu is my favorite philosopher KosetsuTetsujin: but really, Daoism, the Kaballah, Gnosticism, and early christianity are almost identical KosetsuTetsujin: you see I argue their haven't beena ny true christians since constantine ParisJaneway: explain, if you will KosetsuTetsujin: do I really have to? KosetsuTetsujin: you go from KosetsuTetsujin: people pratically knowing mary magadelene is the TRUE first apostle of jesus (gnostic "heresy") KosetsuTetsujin: and that all the crap with peter as the rock of the chruch KosetsuTetsujin: was written after the fact by a male dominated roman catholic empire KosetsuTetsujin: you go from before constantine KosetsuTetsujin: christians being eaten alive by wild lions KosetsuTetsujin: and gladiators KosetsuTetsujin: becuase they refuse to hurt others KosetsuTetsujin: to 200 years after constantine KosetsuTetsujin: you have to be christian to serve in the army KosetsuTetsujin: the ultimate display that christianity is long dead KosetsuTetsujin: is the evangelicals that have taken over this country KosetsuTetsujin: apparently they don't understand "give to ceasar what is ceasar's" KosetsuTetsujin: and they argue that repbulicans are the "christian" party KosetsuTetsujin: which is crap KosetsuTetsujin: jesus was a hippie who never passed judgement on anybody KosetsuTetsujin: except for money changers in the temple KosetsuTetsujin: it's all crap KosetsuTetsujin: i used to want to be a priest KosetsuTetsujin: and i would walk into these buildings KosetsuTetsujin: full of books KosetsuTetsujin: and i knew from that KosetsuTetsujin: that they were wrong KosetsuTetsujin: it's much simpler than that KosetsuTetsujin: god is NOT complex KosetsuTetsujin: humanity makes god complex out of it's own confusion and need for something spectacular KosetsuTetsujin: i mean you can debate if you want KosetsuTetsujin: but if you know about early christians KosetsuTetsujin: and then read about people now KosetsuTetsujin: it's a completely different set of thoughts KosetsuTetsujin: i mean we ARE the roman empire KosetsuTetsujin: we're the kind of state the early christians viewed as corrupt and evil beyond redemption KosetsuTetsujin: when the roman state merged with the catholic church is was so the church would have the power to influence the people and rome could re instill family values in it's citizens KosetsuTetsujin: the conservatives are trying to do that again to our country KosetsuTetsujin: does that make sense? ParisJaneway: are you asking me, or is that a rhetorical question? KosetsuTetsujin: the only religious text in history that hasn't be bastardized with re edits KosetsuTetsujin: is the Tao Te Ching KosetsuTetsujin: cause quite frankly KosetsuTetsujin: most people can't understand it KosetsuTetsujin: i was asking you ParisJaneway: yes, it makes sense KosetsuTetsujin: like I tell all christians I know KosetsuTetsujin: I don' thave a problem with jesus KosetsuTetsujin: in fact i believe in Him KosetsuTetsujin: I don't have a problem with the bible if it's not taken literally KosetsuTetsujin: my problem is the institution KosetsuTetsujin: i mean the crusades were nothing but a ploy between the papal state and the cult of the assassins to keep their power over the ottoman empire and the european city states KosetsuTetsujin: it's all political KosetsuTetsujin: as soon as you throw human beings into any equation it gets all f'd up KosetsuTetsujin: we unbalance the world KosetsuTetsujin: we're the ones that make machines coldhearted and mother nature poisonous KosetsuTetsujin: because we always think we know better KosetsuTetsujin: try to push reality our way KosetsuTetsujin: when in reality, that's just interfering with god's plan for us KosetsuTetsujin: it's just that people won't accept simplicity, they feel they need to feel "special" KosetsuTetsujin: quite frankly all of humanity's bad moments were caused by low self esteem KosetsuTetsujin: making great monuments like pyramids and collosuseses KosetsuTetsujin: is pretty much nothing more than a show of fear of death KosetsuTetsujin: same with our modern skyscrapers KosetsuTetsujin: I find that a simple cup of coffee with a friend on a friday night KosetsuTetsujin: is more poiniant and important than all the wars fought in human history KosetsuTetsujin: more poiniant than the greatest work of art KosetsuTetsujin: because each moment of living, actual living will never happen again KosetsuTetsujin: "I come to this place of my ancestors and realize that like these blossoms, we are all dying. To know life in every breath, in every cup of tea, in every life we take... that... is Bushido." KosetsuTetsujin: - Last Samurai KosetsuTetsujin: "War is the most important thing in human history that never changed anything." - Freiderick Nietsche KosetsuTetsujin: whatcha think? KosetsuTetsujin: reitierations? ParisJaneway: i don't understand what you mean by the latter question KosetsuTetsujin: what are your religious views? KosetsuTetsujin: reiteration = do you have a counter argument, any comments/questions? KosetsuTetsujin: but actually KosetsuTetsujin: I'm more interested in what your views are on theology ParisJaneway: sorry if this disappoints you, but that's exactly what i've been trying to figure out. KosetsuTetsujin: it takes a while to figure out KosetsuTetsujin: you should pick up a copy of Tao Te Ching KosetsuTetsujin: if you're looking for something peaceful KosetsuTetsujin: that will definitely be it KosetsuTetsujin: Mitchell's translation of it is good KosetsuTetsujin: it's made for westerners KosetsuTetsujin: so it's an easier read KosetsuTetsujin: though it does lose some meaning KosetsuTetsujin: would you like an excerpt? KosetsuTetsujin: let me ask you a few questions ParisJaneway: okay KosetsuTetsujin: If you were to take a knife from your drawer, and sharpen it, say for five hours. What would happen?" KosetsuTetsujin: it would be blunt and dull right? KosetsuTetsujin: if you were to take a gallon of milk out of your fridge KosetsuTetsujin: and pour the entire jug into a small glass KosetsuTetsujin: it will spill all over your table KosetsuTetsujin: so what happens if you live your life for someone else's expectations? KosetsuTetsujin: you overflow KosetsuTetsujin: you wear yourself thin KosetsuTetsujin: do exactly what is required KosetsuTetsujin: than step back KosetsuTetsujin: just be KosetsuTetsujin: that's one of the parts of the dao de jing KosetsuTetsujin: it's arranged into 72 poems KosetsuTetsujin: i guess you could call them KosetsuTetsujin: the first one scares a lot of people becuase they don't understand it KosetsuTetsujin: "The truth lies not in light, but in darkness." KosetsuTetsujin: what do you think that means? ParisJaneway: i'm not sure KosetsuTetsujin: what happens if you stare into the sun? ParisJaneway: you go blind KosetsuTetsujin: exactly KosetsuTetsujin: so instead of looking at this whole big sun KosetsuTetsujin: look for a single flower in the moonlight KosetsuTetsujin: or better yet KosetsuTetsujin: don't even sense anything at all KosetsuTetsujin: clear your mind KosetsuTetsujin: the Tao itself is this mysterious force that lao tzu describes KosetsuTetsujin: that all things come from and are made of KosetsuTetsujin: yet in of itself it is nothing KosetsuTetsujin: he says KosetsuTetsujin: "To name it would be to misunderstand it" KosetsuTetsujin: Tao means "the Way" KosetsuTetsujin: basically his whole point is KosetsuTetsujin: that humanity messes everything up KosetsuTetsujin: that the world is really perfect KosetsuTetsujin: but we just don't realize it KosetsuTetsujin: for instance KosetsuTetsujin: he says things like KosetsuTetsujin: "Make defenses, and you will defend yourself KosetsuTetsujin: Make weapons, and you will destroy KosetsuTetsujin: Build cities and they will fall KosetsuTetsujin: Be nothing and you will be everything KosetsuTetsujin: etc. etc. KosetsuTetsujin: the best description i've heard of the dao is the so called "uncarved block" KosetsuTetsujin: if you think about a block of wood KosetsuTetsujin: in of itself KosetsuTetsujin: it's nothing KosetsuTetsujin: it's worthless KosetsuTetsujin: it's just a block of wood KosetsuTetsujin: but KosetsuTetsujin: you can shape ANYTHING out of that block of wood's space KosetsuTetsujin: so it's also infinity KosetsuTetsujin: if lao tzu was a college professor KosetsuTetsujin: well here's the difference between a daoist and a christian KosetsuTetsujin: a big one actually KosetsuTetsujin: a christian would come in and tell you exactly what he thinks KosetsuTetsujin: tell you exactly what should be done and why KosetsuTetsujin: make you feel certain about things KosetsuTetsujin: a daoist KosetsuTetsujin: would come in KosetsuTetsujin: and ramble on about tons of different things KosetsuTetsujin: leave you questioned and confused KosetsuTetsujin: and would say quiz tommorow KosetsuTetsujin: and you don't even know what it's on KosetsuTetsujin: but the thing is KosetsuTetsujin: the daoist makes you wonder KosetsuTetsujin: makes you think KosetsuTetsujin: "A great teacher hears his students say "I can't believe I did that all by myself."" KosetsuTetsujin: in short, lao tzu says only some people will understand the universe KosetsuTetsujin: and those people should fade into the background KosetsuTetsujin: let reality work the way it wants KosetsuTetsujin: help people out without them realizing it KosetsuTetsujin: daoism has a lot to do with martial arts philosophy too KosetsuTetsujin: the yin yang symbol is the symbol of the daoist religion KosetsuTetsujin: but like i said KosetsuTetsujin: neither I or lao tzu believe in religions KosetsuTetsujin: you aren't talking much KosetsuTetsujin: lol KosetsuTetsujin: am I butting you out and talking to myself? ParisJaneway: butting me out, yes, but i'm listening intently KosetsuTetsujin: well please KosetsuTetsujin: feel free to interject KosetsuTetsujin: have any ?s KosetsuTetsujin: so far KosetsuTetsujin: ?? ParisJaneway: at the risk of sounding fanatical, i'm considering adopting the beliefs of the Light Side Jedi as my own. in part, this scares me because i believe one should seek out one's own belief system on her/his own without outside influence... however, i have come to realize the beliefs of the Light Side Jedi are greatly what i have practiced and found to be sound to my own being. KosetsuTetsujin: geuss what KosetsuTetsujin: you're going to laugh KosetsuTetsujin: "The Force" KosetsuTetsujin: is really The Dao KosetsuTetsujin: that's where lucas got it from KosetsuTetsujin: congratulations KosetsuTetsujin: you're a Taoist KosetsuTetsujin: well except for the laser swords KosetsuTetsujin: anyway KosetsuTetsujin: the thing is though ParisJaneway: yes, i realized that KosetsuTetsujin: the idea behind the dark side and the light side jedi KosetsuTetsujin: is that the dark siders let the force control them KosetsuTetsujin: where as the light side controls the force KosetsuTetsujin: essentially KosetsuTetsujin: in taoism KosetsuTetsujin: taoists let go KosetsuTetsujin: accept KosetsuTetsujin: which literally gives them control of reality actually ParisJaneway: what's your take on Shadow Jedi? KosetsuTetsujin: and the dark siders are people who reject reality KosetsuTetsujin: poeple who want to replace it with their own KosetsuTetsujin: i think acceptance is the highest goal someone can strive for KosetsuTetsujin: so i think darksiders are dumb KosetsuTetsujin: besides KosetsuTetsujin: it's not that there is evil KosetsuTetsujin: there just isn't enough good KosetsuTetsujin: why? KosetsuTetsujin: because people reject reality KosetsuTetsujin: they want to think they are unique KosetsuTetsujin: different KosetsuTetsujin: special KosetsuTetsujin: when they are really all part of the same living breathing reality KosetsuTetsujin: they need each other KosetsuTetsujin: I'm also into a lot of ancient mathematical religious philosophy too which ties into daoism KosetsuTetsujin: things integrate into each other KosetsuTetsujin: we are all interconnected KosetsuTetsujin: yeah yoda is a straight up daoist ParisJaneway: such as phi? KosetsuTetsujin: mace windu is probably more of a confucian KosetsuTetsujin: yeah KosetsuTetsujin: personally KosetsuTetsujin: this might sound nuts KosetsuTetsujin: but I think that most people's soul/mind/ whatever you want to call it KosetsuTetsujin: are fourth dimensional (x,y,z, and t (three dimensions plus time)) KosetsuTetsujin: and that when a soul becomes mature via reincarnation or some other method KosetsuTetsujin: it becomes a three dimensional cube KosetsuTetsujin: being spun and twisted by reality KosetsuTetsujin: then you reach the level I"m at KosetsuTetsujin: where that cube is bent out and becomes a cartesian plane of possible selves which can be accessed and formated into quadrantal entities KosetsuTetsujin: then the final step KosetsuTetsujin: that plane folds into a cohesive point KosetsuTetsujin: the soul reunites with the dao, the leyline of the universe KosetsuTetsujin: then KosetsuTetsujin: when the dao runs into an empty space KosetsuTetsujin: something that is needed but as of yet doesn't exist KosetsuTetsujin: it spits out a part of itself and the whole process starts over again ParisJaneway: why do you say most people? KosetsuTetsujin: because the world is dominated right now by young and mature souls KosetsuTetsujin: most young KosetsuTetsujin: and that's why the world is so fucked up KosetsuTetsujin: lack of experience KosetsuTetsujin: there are three layers of reality KosetsuTetsujin: perceptual KosetsuTetsujin: conceptual KosetsuTetsujin: existential KosetsuTetsujin: most people are only aware of perceptual reality KosetsuTetsujin: which consists of our senses KosetsuTetsujin: and the three questions: KosetsuTetsujin: what is? what is not? how did it come to be? KosetsuTetsujin: the conceptual layer of reality is a giant storage space, almost like a hard drive KosetsuTetsujin: it stores everything that can be, was, and will be KosetsuTetsujin: for instance KosetsuTetsujin: people need a faster motion of transporation KosetsuTetsujin: so they think of a car KosetsuTetsujin: the possibility of a car exists in conceptual reality KosetsuTetsujin: becuase motion without horses is a concept KosetsuTetsujin: all dieties exist in this layer KosetsuTetsujin: because dieties are concepts KosetsuTetsujin: when you die KosetsuTetsujin: this is where you are stored till your next life when you are needed again KosetsuTetsujin: then you are taken and displayed on the monitor of perceptual reality KosetsuTetsujin: i'll elaborate KosetsuTetsujin: there's a cofee table in front of me KosetsuTetsujin: it exists in perceptual reality KosetsuTetsujin: it has hieght, weight, density, length, it refracts light, etc. KosetsuTetsujin: but the concept i have of an object holding another object up KosetsuTetsujin: that is part of conceptual reality KosetsuTetsujin: do you understand that so far? ParisJaneway: yes KosetsuTetsujin: below conceptual reality KosetsuTetsujin: you have essentially the "processor" of reality KosetsuTetsujin: existential reality KosetsuTetsujin: which is essentially KosetsuTetsujin: 100011101010010110101010101 KosetsuTetsujin: 101010010101110101010101 KosetsuTetsujin: etc. etc. KosetsuTetsujin: almost incomprehensible KosetsuTetsujin: in perceptual reality KosetsuTetsujin: we define things by senses KosetsuTetsujin: in conceptual reality KosetsuTetsujin: we define things by concepts KosetsuTetsujin: in existential reality KosetsuTetsujin: things are indefintie KosetsuTetsujin: they simply are or are not KosetsuTetsujin: it's transcendent KosetsuTetsujin: notice that time only exists on this layer KosetsuTetsujin: so what is really happening KosetsuTetsujin: is that science KosetsuTetsujin: is forging conceptual reality KosetsuTetsujin: into perceptual reality KosetsuTetsujin: reincarnation isn't fact KosetsuTetsujin: but when cloning technology, mind machine interface, and network drives in the brain are possible KosetsuTetsujin: then you'll be able to copy everything you are into a new body KosetsuTetsujin: sounds a lot like reincarnation for me KosetsuTetsujin: these things already exist KosetsuTetsujin: but we are making them perceptual reality KosetsuTetsujin: things we can see and touch KosetsuTetsujin: like lao tzu KosetsuTetsujin: i would argue all dieties are filters KosetsuTetsujin: becuase the human mind cannot fully comprehend the Dao itself KosetsuTetsujin: unless it is ready KosetsuTetsujin: so they make a filter KosetsuTetsujin: to diffuse looking at the sun KosetsuTetsujin: and that filter is a diety KosetsuTetsujin: but my advice is KosetsuTetsujin: believe because you believe KosetsuTetsujin: don't believe because it's cool KosetsuTetsujin: or it makes sense KosetsuTetsujin: or because your afraid of hell KosetsuTetsujin: just be KosetsuTetsujin: be who you are KosetsuTetsujin: that's teh reason you are here after all KosetsuTetsujin: you are needed here KosetsuTetsujin: otherwise you wouldn't be here KosetsuTetsujin: and you'll die when you're meant to die KosetsuTetsujin: you'll fall in love when you're meant to fall in love KosetsuTetsujin: if KosetsuTetsujin: you choose to do nothing KosetsuTetsujin: to accept KosetsuTetsujin: the three layers of reality is my own philosophy KosetsuTetsujin: as well as the nine paths to the future KosetsuTetsujin: but I'm not sure if I have any energy left to explain that KosetsuTetsujin: but basically KosetsuTetsujin: at any given moment KosetsuTetsujin: there are only nine futures KosetsuTetsujin: so what are you thinking? ParisJaneway: well... KosetsuTetsujin is idle at 2:20:38 AM. ParisJaneway: i'm trying to make sense of all i'm thinking, so i can't tell you exactly what it is. KosetsuTetsujin: it's okay KosetsuTetsujin: i say some pretty crazy mindblowing stuff KosetsuTetsujin: i have this habit of thinking differently than anyone else KosetsuTetsujin is no longer idle at 2:21:04 AM. KosetsuTetsujin: figure it this way KosetsuTetsujin: if someone was actually right KosetsuTetsujin: before KosetsuTetsujin: we wouldn't be sitting here talking about it would we KosetsuTetsujin: it's not like there was a debate taht eventually something would fall up instead of down KosetsuTetsujin: but inevitably reality will be like that KosetsuTetsujin: I have to get going to bed KosetsuTetsujin: but just one last idea to blow your mind KosetsuTetsujin: and I'd like to know what you think bout it if you bother to meditate on it KosetsuTetsujin: you ready? ParisJaneway: yes KosetsuTetsujin: Reality exists because people do not percieve it. KosetsuTetsujin: i repeat KosetsuTetsujin: do NOT percieve it. KosetsuTetsujin: :-) KosetsuTetsujin: my personal note of wisdom to the world KosetsuTetsujin: well anyway I gotta go to bed now KosetsuTetsujin: good night, sweet dreams ParisJaneway: sleep well ParisJaneway: thanks for sharing everything KosetsuTetsujin signed off at 2:23:20 AM.