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About Daffnie's Place...

Founded on November 29, 2000, this site was created in dedication to my favorite television show: Star Trek Voyager. I am constantly changing and making this site better (which means that it's almost always under construction of some kind or another), so check in often to view the new updates (see below for update status).

Navigation Guide:

    The Bridge: A collection of my ST VOY fanfic.

    Transporter: Links to Star Trek sites and banners to link to my site.

    Engineering: Polls.

    Mess Hall: My guestbook. Please sign before you leave.

    Holodeck One: Pictures of real/unreal Voyager couples. Janeway/Paris, Janeway/Chakotay, Paris/Torres, Kim/Torres and Chakotay/Seven.

    Holodeck Two: Pictures of the ship, the cast, and the crew.

    Sickbay: Crew Biographies.

    Ready Room: Awards my site has won and awards that webmasters can apply for.

    The Helm: My strange Star Trek humor.

    Ops: Star Trek book reviews.

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