Fruitful Inheritance

Summary: J/P, Rated G. Tom and Kathryn have an intellectual discussion over lunch. A harmless drabble, and probably the stupidest thing I’ve ever written... Inspired by a banana sticker.

Disclaimer: Paramount’s.

By Daffnie (


“Del Monte,” Tom said, lifting a forkful of colorful cubes from an aluminum can.


Kathryn eyed the container suspiciously. Tom smiled and chewed thoughtfully.

“Del Monte. It’s fruit. The company that canned it, anyway.”

“How old is that stuff?”

He shrugged. “Ages. It’s been in the family for generations. I don’t know exactly how long...”

“A can of -” she spun the can around to read the faded label “ - ‘fruit cocktail’ has been passed down for generations?”

“And still perfectly delicious,” he grinned, inhaling more asymmetrical cubes.

“I don’t see the allure.”

“Wanna try some?”

“No thanks.”