For a Bet

Summary: J,P. A drabble X 3. Sometimes things don't always go as planned. Rated G.

Note: This is a stupid little story I created when I couldn't get to sleep one night.

Archiving: If you actually want to archive this story, be my guest, but please ask first.

By Daffnie


My eyes gradually adjust from going from extremes: the bright corridors to her dark quarters. Once I can make out the silhouettes of the furniture, I allow myself to breath. It was some feat to break into her quarters, but I canít celebrate yet. Not until my little mission is complete. I creep slowly towards her bedroom, thankful that she is a deep sleeper when I stub my toe against the chair leg, making a noise that would wake anyone else up. I curse under my breath and shuffle along the carpeted floor. As I approach her room, I hear her rhythmic breathing. Inhale...exhale...inhale...exhale..murmur... What was that? Kathryn Janeway talks in her sleep? I canít believe it. I must be must have been something else. Another murmur, but louder this time as I near her bed. I canít help but smile to myself...and slowly inch closer. Iím frightened as she shifts slightly, kicking her blankets to her waist. Then she tosses again, much less subtly. Her blankets are now in a heap at the end of her bed, and her pillow is threatening to fall on the floor. So, sheís a restless sleeper, too, huh? A restless, talkative sleeper. I canít help but wonder if she ever sleepwalks. Unfortunately, I laugh in spite of myself, and she stirs, but doesnít awaken. Close call. I better do it now, or I might never get another chance. I grip the holoimager tightly and bring it up to my face, ready to take a picture.

ďI donít know who put you up to this, Tom, but taking the Captainís picture while sheís sleeping can earn you a long stay in the brig,Ē Kathryn says suddenly.

Startled, I sprint out of her quarters, knowing tomorrow morning Iíll hear some laughs at my expense.


March 21, 2001