Flying Towards Fate

Summary: Paris, angst. Rated PG. Tom is scared to fly.

Disclaimer: Not mine.

By Daffnie (


From time to time when the ship is silent and still I feel the pain wash over me. I feel their breath on my neck. I hear them whisper in my ear, telling me I am a murderer never to be forgiven. They come to me when I am the most vulnerable - at the helm - because they know my fear and feed on it. It's my weakness, but I can't do anything to control it.

Piloting was my first love. Odile was my second. And I killed her. Everytime I sit at my station on the bridge, I see her beautiful green eyes fading away into a sea of crimson. It scares me beyond explaination, and there is a horrible side affect...

I'm terrified the same accident will happen again. I have nightmares about it: I make one simple but unforgiveable mistake that sends Voyager careening into a planet or a star...or an asteroid like the one that was slammed into by Bruno and Charlie and Odile, the love of my life. Except for in my nightmares, there are hundreds more deaths, hundreds more ghosts to haunt and remind me everyday of my life that I am a murderer never to be forgiven.