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Breaking Point
Seven/Neelix, angst, Rated PG. Neelix contemplates his life aboard Voyager. 7k
The Huntress
Seven, Janeway, Rated PG. Set after “Prey”. Seven questions the captain’s virtues. 6k
Beyond Formalities
Paris/Kim, some angst, Rated PG. Tom and Harry take a walk on the beach and discuss the dynamics of their relationship. 9k
Janeway/Seven (Janeway/Torres), angst, Rated PG. A conversation between Seven and Kathryn years after they return home. 8k
Say That Again
Janeway/Torres, angst. Rated PG-13. Revelations come when Janeway says goodbye. Inspired by JuPiter Station Narrative Challenge #411. 3k
Janeway/Torres, romance. Rated PG-13 for theme and language. The consequences of B'Elanna's confession. 45k
Measure of Worth
Janeway/Paris, angsty, Alternate Universe. Rated PG. Janeway questions her relationship with Tom. 3k
Janeway/Paris, angst, Rated PG-13 for mild language and disturbing images. Kathryn has a serious problem. Part 1/?. 9k
Rated PG. What happens when Kathryn finally gets to sleep during "Night". Very short, very descriptive.
Gone Away to Save the Universe
Rated G, angsty. 2nd person POV on Kathryn's life when she was a child. Reference to Mosaic by Jeri Taylor.
Solemn Tears
Janeway/Tuvok, Janeway/Paris, Paris/Torres (implied), angst, Rated PG. Kathryn after "Night". Tuvok wants to help her through her depression, but Kathryn would rather have Tom with her. 3k
Leaving Her Beloved One
Janeway/Mark and Janeway/Paris, AU Rated PG. A story behind the beach in Kathryn’s search for her animal guide. Set after ‘Message in a Bottle’. 14k
Everybody's Sin
Janeway/Paris and Paris/Torres, AU, Angst Rated PG. [In response to Jupiter Station Narrative Challenge #250: B'Elanna leaves Tom and their daughter because she is afraid she's going to be a bad mother, and Tom turns to Kathryn for comfort.] In this story, ‘Endgame’ never happened, and they’re still trying to get back home. Part 1/? 19k
Past Burdens
Janeway/Paris, Angst Rated PG. The short sequel to "Everybody's Sin". Kathryn has loved before, and she is afraid to love again. Part 2/? 2k
Janeway/Paris Rated G. A short story. Kathryn thinks of the times she and Tom shared together. A bit of angst. 6k
Jeanette/Paris. Some angst Rated G. Tom visits an old childhood camp and gets caught up in old memories. In response to Tom Paris Dorm’s 100th Author Writer’s Challenge. 11k
Circumstantial Insanity
Janeway/Chakotay, angst, Rated PG-13 (to be safe) for some language. Kathryn is angry at Chakotay because of a supposed Chakotay/Seven relationship, but the commander wants Janeway back. Both think that the other is suffering from mental illness. Chakotay’s POV. 15k.
Afflicted by Herself
Paris/Torres, Quite a bit of angst Rated PG-13. A short story. Set around ‘Extreme Risk’. B’Elanna muses on her life at the time. 6k
Kim/Kes Rated PG. A short story about Kes’ first reaction to Harry. 4k
Paris/Torres Rated PG. This story is based on the Voyager episode ‘Resolutions’. 21k
Moving On, Parts I-III
J/C, J/P, P/T Rated PG for parts one and two. PG-13 for part three. Angst/AU. Several problems occuring within the ship itself and within the crew aboard it result in some not so pleasant outcomes. 52k
Salvaging Hope
[Part I] Kathryn tells Tom a painful story. Includes a missing/changed scene from Jeri Taylor’s Mosaic. [In response to Jupiter Station Narrative Challenge #170.] Rated PG-13 for language and mature situations. J,P AU, Angst. 20k

[Part II] More of Janeway's story. [In response to Jupiter Station Narrative Challenge #170.] Rated PG-13 for language and mature situations. J,P AU, Angst. 21k

[Part III] Kathryn Janeway does something she regrets. [In response to Jupiter Station Narrative Challenge #170.] Rated PG-13 for language. J,P AU, Angst. 14k

[Part IV] Back in the present, Kathryn finishes the story. [In response to Jupiter Station Narrative Challenge #170.] Rated PG. J,P AU, Angst. 9k

Wishing Well
Tuvok/Torres, angst and a little romance, Rated PG. B'Elanna continues a childhood tradition 3k
Beware The Ides of March
Janeway,Paris Rated PG-13 (for violence). Tom gets into a fist fight and has to face the consequences. A bit of angst. ~This story placed second in the Tom Paris Dorm Angst award contest (September to November, 2000)!!~ 10k
Left to Burn
Janeway/Paris Rated PG. A poem. Kathryn thinks about Tom and B'Elanna's wedding.


Domestic Violence
Janeway/Torres, Janeway/Paris (implied) Rated PG. Kathryn gets abused.
Fruitful Inheritance
Janeway/Paris, Rated G. Tom and Kathryn have an intellectual discussion over lunch. A harmless drabble, and probably the stupidest thing I’ve ever written... Inspired by a banana sticker.

Never Meant To Be
Tuvok/Torres, Paris/Torres (implied), and Janeway/Paris. Rated PG. Tom breaks off his relationship with B’Elanna, and she looks to Tuvok for comfort. In response to ConTrol & Temper Challenge No. 29 [First line challenge: "Never thought I'd see the day..."]

Janeway/Paris, Rated PG. Angst. An early-series story about what might have happened if the Maquis took control of Voyager. Tom’s POV.
For a Bet
Janeway,Paris Rated G. A drabble X 3. Sometimes things don't always go as planned.
Janeway,Chakotay Rated G. Janeway is missing. Chakotay’s POV.
Janeway/Paris Rated G. Tom thinks about his captain.
Janeway,Paris Rated PG-13 (for disturbing images). There’s always a price to victory.
Janeway/Tuvok Rated PG-13. Pon Farr Strikes.