Crimson Existence

Summary: Chakotay/Torres, angst, Rated PG-13. When faced with the challenge of being Captain, Chakotay crumbles under the weight.

Disclaimer: Paramount's. Brannon Braga's. The story idea is mine.

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By Daffnie (


Chakotay looked around the holodeck idly. The metal grid which surrounded him was strangely intimidating, and he felt like withering to the floor. His energy level was low...he could barely keep his legs from collapsing beneath him.

"Computer, begin holoprogram Chakotay 47," he said weakly.

Nighttime engulfed him. He was in a forest, standing beside a massive tree. It looked alien to him. He used to go here all the time when he was a child, but those boyhood memories had vanished over time. And now, recollections of the past came flooding back so suddenly that they caught him off guard. He was overwhelmed, and it didn't help his weakened state.