Summary: S/M, Rated PG-13 (to be safe). Hoshi has to leave.

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  By Daffnie

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       Hoshi baked me chocolate chip cookies.
       They were left in front of the door to my quarters, all wrapped up nice in transparent blue colored plastic wrap on a huge plate. There was a little note below the plate that I noticed when I picked it up from the floor.
       I read it, and I was utterly stunned.

        Travis, Enterprise is scheduled to return back to Earth in two days (sorry you weren't told sooner)...because Starfleet needs me as some sort of Ambassador to Qo'NoS. They figure since I am the only human who knows anything about the Klingon language, I'm the best candidate. And I can't do a damn thing about it.
       I baked these cookies for you as a way of saying thanks for your friendship. You kept me from a hell of a lot of stress these past few months that we've served onboard together. I'm sorry I couldn't deliver your little gift in person. I'm too busy packing and preparing for the return home.
       Problem is, Enterprise has been a great home for me, and I don't want to leave. Unfortunately, Starfleet Command practically runs my life... I most likely won't see you again for a long time, but whenever I get a chance, I'll send you a message. And maybe if you're lucky, we can see each other again when Enterprise comes to Earth again. Drop by, and I'll bake you some more cookies.

       Honestly, I thought I'd have a nervous breakdown then. Hoshi was what made living on this ship bearable. I was counting on her humor and friendship to get me through our mission, but now...
       I brought the cookies into my quarters and ate all twenty of them, right then and there. Nothing like forgetting your troubles with a massive fat and sugar intake...
       I tried to find her soon afterwards. I stopped by her quarters, asked around for where she was, but I couldn't find her anywhere. I think she was purposely hiding so that she wouldn't have to deal with me trying to talk her out of the inevitable.
       She left the next day. We didn't even land on Earth...just orbited around it and dropped off a shuttle that brought Hoshi to the surface. I considered leaving, too, without the captain's permission.
       But I didn't. I couldn't. No matter how many times my heart told me that it was impossible to live without her, my damned head said I had responsibilities to the ship.
       I can only hope that I'll see her again someday, and make her bake me a few dozen chocolate chip cookies.