Narrative Challenges
For Different Fandoms

If you use one of these challenges as inspiration to write a story, please email it to me (at so I can read it. I'd love to see what your imagination has come up with!


Write a story where Kathryn and Tom set up a pool tournament for the ship.

Rewrite "Coda" so that it's centered around Tom and Kathryn instead of Chakotay and Kathryn.

Through a freak transporter accident, Kathryn finds out from having strange dreams that she has all of Tom's memories imbedded within her own. One night, she has a dream about Tom kissing someone. Obviously, this was something that he didn't want anyone knowing about. Who is that someone, and what does Kathryn think of it? Does she tell Tom?

Write a passage in Tom's POV about what he thinks of Kathryn and Chakotay being stranded on New Earth.

Voyager is caught in a temporal anomaly, and all time out side of the ship has stopped. Janeway and Paris have been kidnapped, but no one knows where they went or who took them, and they don't know how to get the ship moving. How do they get out of this predicament?


What happens the night after Chakotay gives Kathryn the rose in "Coda"?

They don't realize it at first, but the events of "Year of Hell" bring the two closer together. Write a story about the consequences of Kathryn finding herself falling in love with the commander.

What did Chakotay think of Kathryn's decision to give Tom a chance to be part of the Voyager crew?


Kathyrn is curious about what program Tuvok was running in "Body and Soul".

Kathryn discovers hand written letters in her quarters. There is a new one each day, and they are very provocative. She has Tuvok lead a private investigation to find the author, not knowing that it is he that wrote them.


B'Elanna apologizes to Tom for what happened during "Blood Fever". What is Tom's reaction?

Tom and B'Elanna bring Miral to show to B'Elanna's mother. She becomes enraged to find that she married a human, thinking that aren't trustworthy (as was demonstrated when B'Elanna's father left). She reacts by saying that she disowns her daughter. How does this make Torres and Paris feel?

Suppose Voyager's replica crew from "Course: Oblivion" survived. Paris and Torres are married earlier in the series, and they have twins. However, one of the twins needs a replacement organ, and the only way for he/she to live is to take it from the healthy twin for a transplant. They are faced with a difficult decision: they hope the baby can survive without surgery, or they sacrifice one child to save the other.

Doctor/Seven of Nine

The Doctor gives Seven a special gift. What are his reasons, what is the gift, and how does Seven feel?

Seven is curious about death, and she goes to the doctor for information. How does he handle the situation? What does he have to say?


Write a passasge from B'Elanna's personal log that contains her feelings after Janeway gave her the position of Chief Engineer.

Kathryn goes to B'Elanna for help after she realizes her obsession with Michael Sullivan has gotten out of control.

B'Elanna creates a holonovel for Kathryn for her birthday. What is it about, and how does Kathryn react?

Janeway/Seven of Nine

Write a story where Seven wants to thank Kathryn for all she has done for her.


Chakotay gets jealous of Tom when Tom and Harry become closer friends after "The Chute".

Rewrite "Resolutions" where Tom and Chakotay are stranded on New Earth. How would this change the dynamics of the episode?