Interesting story line and quite funny. I liked the "new" concept of humor to a Star Trek series, the acting was alright, but these aliens, the Xyrillians, were questionable. I think the ship had a "The Thaw" feel to it...corny and barely believable. I did, however, like the pressure chamber that Tucker had to go in. It was one of the only realistic parts of a species that weren't very well thought out(what's with the plants growing out of the walls? They have holodecks but no replicators? Come on, even Enterprise can replicate basic foods!).

I like the chats that T'Pol, Archer, and Tucker have in their private dining room. It's refreshing to see some normal conversation among senior crew members.

What was with the Klingon ship? It looked very fake. I know that they have a certain style to them, but that looked like it was some cheap, last minute model the producers added in. And what was the point with having Klingons in the story anyway? To me, it just seemed like they needed to have a few extra minutes added on to make the episode long enough so they tacked on a pointless scene. I think Enterprise should have found the Xyrillians stranded on a planet somewhere with a group of renegade Vulcans who owned screaming monkey-creatures and lived in a van down by the river. It would have given the epi more of those over-used, prefabricated planet set-ups, uncharacteristic Vulcan behavior that Braga enjoys so much, and another poor ending.

Okay, now that I've got that out...I did actually enjoy the rest of the show. Tucker was funny (although I think he should have had the child...it would make an interesting twist), the character dynamics were wonderful, and most of all, I am beginning to enjoy Dr. Phlox. Sure, he's similar to Neelix, but Phlox is more than a bubbly, on a constant suger-high alien with nothing better to do than cook.

Rating Out of Ten: 8

Terra Nova

Haven't seen it yet.

Rating Out of Ten:

Andorian Incident

How to start... I loved the directing (they should have Roxann Dawson direct more often!), and I liked when Archer got put in his place, but the big question is WHAT'S THE POINT?! So the Vulcans are liars and snoops and treaty-breakers, the Andorians are deformed (or shall we call this digression from Kirk's time?), and Humans prove to everyone that they are extrememly disrespectful to other cultures and complete jerks. Okay, I can understand the latter, but why do the Andorians look really strange? I don't care if they have better make-up jobs than before...I liked the way they looked before. And the most important thing is: since when do Vulcans act like that? The theory I've been hearing is that they aren't as evolved as they are in TOS and VOY, but I don't buy it. Personally, I think Braga is doing a crappy job of keeping the species in character. Anyway, to get back on track, when the episode ended, I was half expecting a "To Be Continued" on the screen. So what if the Vulcans are spying on the Andorians? What does that have to do with ANYTHING? This better be an arc, and there better be some really good reason that this episode happened, or I'll be very upset.

The acting, in the most part, has gotten slightly better...Bakula's in particular. I was a bit annoyed that Sato, Mayweather, and Reed have still been left out of the big picture, but hopefully, they'll have their own episodes soon enough.

Rating Out of Ten: 4 only because of the directing, the cool way the Andorians' antennae moved, and Bakula's better acting.