Mlle. Clement,

Merci pour tous vous avez me donner. Il est impossible pour moi dire comment amusant, important, et influencial vous ete a moi. Votre amour pour la vie, l'art, et chaque personne est un inspiration. Vous ete un prof excellant, et je suis greatful. Et penser, j'ai presque quitte la francais le premier annee...

Merci encore.

Bonne vie, Catherine RoszkowskiAHH daffni i am honerd that you feal that you cud talk to me.. I do know haow it is with thoust felings..te deap depresion and all. I have a mum hone have had teribel back acs fore 10 yers... She injusr her back in her wourkinp place..She sowrked in a oldpipol nursing home..ther was an elderly gentel man theat was a but to fall of a cheeer..seh prevented him fom faling hard and hurting himself..but she snaped somting in her back to.. She has ben on siklive fore 10 yers now and has tryd to end her life 2 times with taking overdoses of sleeping ads and painkillers.. I was the one to find her is not a prity tingk to know that pipol somone you cear abut is sow deprest that they want it all to end. I to stugeld with deap depresion...I tcomes ower me from time to time.. And with al the bad things gowing arond in teh world..I felal it to.. After 11 sep..i had trubel sleeping at night fore abut 3 weeks..I had nightmars al of the time..difrent cind of acednts..fom car acedents..You name it I hade the wours time ...I was tyerd and crancy..I feld dislocated for along time.. But ti will just have to wourk thru it. Dont take life to seriusly live in the now and do ahppy things.. Se your close to them and tell you fel chitty right now. I to have the experiance of clasmats ding to sone. In my school when i was on 2 ywe in my gymansyum degre(colage) ther were alovely girl in the class abow me..we did stuf togeter with ther class ad her litel brother was in my class. Her name was Yvone..she was theis happy girl that every body liked..she was always happy and the best freind you cud have..Ther were sow mutsh of life in ehr,,and you cud se she had that specel gleem in her aeys that told you she loved life to the fullest. Well on the graduation day after the graduation and after the ball...she cam ehome walked in rather late..her mum was upp Yvone told her she have never had ahappyer day in her life..she lafed and turned to gow to her room...and then she just fell down and stoped breating.. It was a real tragedy...and it al semed sow unfear..seh had her hole life infront of her..she just finished her degre adn she never got to juse her expertice... I somtimes fell wery sad... But i have to belive that everyting has a might be had to find at times but if you try hard you will find int.. I belive every one has a purpes and we all have a specel amont of time to do our mision on.What that mision is I do not know ..but every life conts..and it has a specel purpes.. When i was born I was a twin...I had a sister that my mum and dad named Michele...She had a wrey rear hart decise. She had big hols in her hart..and ther was nothiing the doctores cud do to fix it.. She lived fore 3 days.... I belive her purpes in life was to make my perents epresat every moment you get in life...adn to tresur me in a specle way....I did not know i was one of two until i bicam 18 yers old and my mum told me abut it.. We have always hada big pic in our livign room of a baby..I always asumed it was me..Well it was Michelle. I May never have goten to know her myself to grow upp with her...but i know she is with me that she is confering me when i havea bad time.. My mum and dad will always mis ther first litel girl... But they to wood not want to be out the specel moments thay had with her. She filled a perpes her life however short it was..she had an inpact on others... Never be to sad ore mad that you can not se and be happy for that they lived... Tresur the moments and the memoris you had with thos ho have now moved ohn. This year I have lost 4 finds that i se is in bifor ther time... I lost 1 to lucemia he had ben sik fore 5 yers and was in a lott of pain..I know he is with baby Jesus now and he is probebly having a great time. I had a kindergarten freind that past away this summer..She drownde din a boting acedent..she was to drunk to swim and she had hit her head and fell uncotius in the water. Then ther was morgan he had juat goten his drivers lisens. He hitt a dear in high sped and dyed instantly.. And the lates one was in the plane crash in Millano,Italy. She and i had wourked together in Norway fore a year. Of cours i am sad and a bit mad that al this wonderful pipol was taken away from me and al the others that were in ther life. But I try to remember all the gifts that i gott from them insted...What inpact me meting them and bing ther freind have cnged my life.. They have inditshed my life..they have made my life ritsher in experianses.. I know things i wood never known if i hadnt meat them. You have to find the good anfd butiful thigs even in the darkest situvation. I still have my mum with me....I dont takeher fore granted any more..I tell her I love her a latt many times a day.. I have ben bater at expresing my feelings by the tragic and horibel thing she tryed to do. I have completly alterd my way od wuing life bicours of it. You have to find th ebutiful things in life..You have to have the relly bad experianses to fully epreseat the best onse. If you had only experiansed light wod you know to wurn on the light?? Ore the difrens betwen Night and day?? I hoap i have helped in som way... If you fell like you wan chatt to me..Gow online on Ya hoo.. Sertsh fore SammyLee_Austen ..i talk to you the rif i am ohn..If you mail me in adwanse i make sure to be ther.. Ore you can just mail me if that fels bether.. I chesk my mailbow 4-5 times a day. I will wright back as sone as i se your letter.. I be her fore you if you ned me.. I know life is hard..somtimes but you got to get thru that get to the really great parts...I promis it will be wourth it. I know..this yer has ben almost hell ..bu ti alsow have met the man that takes all the pain away.. I love him derly..And in all the missery in the wourld today..I met him.. Do hold on to life sow you to can meat that specel one that makes everiting alright agen. Feal fre to contact me agen..I am always her for you. I wish i was a bit closer ore atlest in the sam ecountrey as you..theni wood be ther in no time.. I do my best fom her.. Hoope tp her from you sone..I missed you you know.. Love Lotten