Terry Marimoore

Court Lord
Theresa Marimoore always looked so out of place. Most vampires seemed to have died in their early twenties to early thirties. She was only sixteen. Like a teenager, she had girlish golden curls about her face, her blue eyes almost angelic as they stared up at you. Her voice was the only thing that gave away her age, a voice that was definitely more mature than the throat it seemed to come from, a voice that spanned hundreds of years and held they ghosts of ages.
The so-called ĎAngelí of the Court, but donít be fooled by her apparent innocence, Terry is still a vampire and still a killer. Mostly she is a loner, preferring to stay out of the politics of the Court. This is rather ironic considering that she sired the master politician Sebastian Van Der Beck. Though she is mostly vague and aloof from most things, she is quite perceptive to the way she is treated, mostly as a child. The only vampires who are in any way decent toward her are Sebastian and Quin and so these are the only ones who get her help.
"I wish everyone would stop telling me to grow up. Donít they know Iím older than they are?"